Truly ‘Sai Baba is Still Alive’

Today 15th Oct 2015– the day etched in the minds of all Sai Baba lovers…a day not of sorrow or mourning but a day to rejoice realizing the truth that our Sai Baba is Still Alive. What better gift can I ask than the Holy possession of this Blessed, Divine Book. Its a diary brimming with Baba’s love and blessings, a diary written not with pen, but with heart, soul and tears of our very own Jaya Wahi Di.

A mere “Thank You” would never suffice for the immense gift Jaya Di has given us. Jaya Di has been the chosen medium through which Baba comes alive in every chapter written in this Holy book.

I never knew anything about this extended Sai Satcharita, I had been to a store in Mumbai and was buying few self-help books and just happened to enquire about any Sai Baba related book, and lo! I had little knowledge that day that, what the elderly staff in the store handed over to me and insisted to read would turn out to be a treasure that I would carry with me every single day after I read it and it would spin my life around!

As coincidental as it may sound…I got this book on 6th June 2015…and read it in a week’s time as I couldn’t stop my tears nor could keep my book aside. I later read from Jaya Di’s page that the Blessed Book was published on 5th June 2013, exactly two years ago. Many miracles have happened and still happening in my life and one such is being blessed to have Jaya Di in my facebook friend list and in my life as my Cosmic extended family member. I have no words to express how I really feel, as I literally lived Jaya Di’s life as I read the book and from then had a great desire to connect with Di.

I feel I am blessed to have read this Book in this lifetime as we all are nearing the 100 years of Baba’s presence all around us and in our lives. Even before the book was published I know everyone had faith and belief in Sai Baba..But Jaya Di has not only restored that faith million times in us but has also given us back our Sai Baba, ALIVE!

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