Maha Paraayan Day – 5th June 2016

Aum Sai Ram…Its been more than 6 months since I wrote my experiences and Baba’s grace, mercy and blessings have been ever flowing as always. My heartfelt gratitude and namaskars to our dear Jaya Di. Also I thank each and everyone of my extended Sai Family in the Facebook Group (Heal the World) for your continuous support and affection for Baba and His Words. I am blessed and thankful to connect closely with most of you.

By 6th June 2016, it would be 1 year since I am holding Di Jaan’s Holy Book ‘Sai Baba Is Still Alive‘ close to my heart and Baba has taken me through a wonderful, blissful journey filled with happiness, success, trials and tribulations without leaving me alone.

Wishing our Sai Family a very Happy Maha Paraayan Day tomorrow 5th June 2016…a blessed day to cherish and pray.
Aum Sai Sharnam 😇



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