Sai Baba’s Blog Launched – 25th June 2016

Dear Sai Family,

|| Aum Sai Ram ||

Today is my 50th post in the blessed FB group (Heal The World), and trust me it has been such a blissful and a very happy journey with Baba Jaan, Di Jaan and all you wonderful people in the here. I got to know most of you, some sent me friend requests and have come closer to me. Jaya Di’s blessing has been showering upon me so much and I am humbled to know that our Di Jaan loves reading the posts too. Many have also shared their interest in reading the posts on a daily basis and I have come to know their struggles and trials they are facing from a more closer quarter. The messages I have posted are always the chosen ones from Baba Himself. As I randomly open a page from Our Holy Book ‘Sai Baba Is Still Alive’ before posting, with a prayer to Sai and by Baba’s grace have been able to pick, choose and create the right message to convey the depth of the teachings imparted by Baba through our dearest Di Jaan Jaya Wahi.

As a token of love and gratitude to Baba and all of you here, I wanted to archive all the blessed posts shared in the Heal The World FB group, to be available to any one who wants to reaffirm their faith and soak in Baba’s overflowing love through the daily blessings posted. This has inspired me to create a blog bringing together all my posts so far in the blessed group, for your daily access.

Faith and Love is not a matter of a day or two, it should be ever blooming every day and every moment no matter what situation YOU are in, starting with every rise of the Sun in your life. Never let it die of as what we are holding on to will surely manifest one day, it might be not always in the way we desire, but always in the way Baba desires for us.
His Will, will be always the BEST WILL !

This Babaful blog, is all yours from today:

May Baba’s Healing Touch and Blessed Presence Be in Your Life Always 🙂

|| Aum Sai Sharnam || Peace be to all ||


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