Holy Chants Begin on 5th Aug 2016

Dear Sai Family,

|| Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

The much awaited day is just few hours away! On this auspicious occasion of our Jaya Di’s birthday, let’s chant in unison with love and reverence the blessed mantra from our dear Baba through our beloved Jaya Di: AUM SAI PARA BRAHMANAA NAMAH” (on the 5th Aug 2016).

May our chants reverberate in this Universe to create immense cosmic energy and may our prayers be heard by the Supreme Power, our Baba Jaan to bless our Di Jaan Jaya Wahi with boundless joy, everlasting happiness and good health always. May our holy chants give us great strength to help us carry out the mission and vision of Di Jaan for the peace and well-being of all of us in this world. May our chants release healing energy to all the souls who are in need of healing prayers and are waiting for their blessings from Baba Sai

Peace be to all 🙂 _/\_

|| Aum Sai Sharnam ||


FB Post: HEAL THE WORLD – Holy Chant


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