Celebrating 100 Blissful Babaful days

Dear Heal The World Family,

Today, I have reached the milestone of 100 Babaful messages from this generation’s Holy Book “SAI BABA IS STILL ALIVE” authored by our dearest Jaya Wahi Di. As I always kept saying, I never planned this to happen this way…nor dreamt that one day I would be publicly posting online about Baba, who is always my personal Guru from the day I knew Him (in 2006) and to whom I prayed without any outward expressions within the four walls inside my home and heart. Baba’s Book has been with me for the past one year and from the day I finished reading it, it has never left my side while travelling the whole world or while sleeping. Whenever I used to get ready to go somewhere, my eyes would fall on the Book and I used to pick it up before I rushed to the door, as leaving the Book behind made my heart sink. And it has now become an habit, which I do sub-consciously. I feel I am so immersed with each and every word and the miracles that Baba did in each and everyone’s life I read in it. All the words and stories kept echoing in my mind loud and clear, reaffirming my belief that life is a battle to be faced without fear and with Baba beside me I can always win all the battles (no matter even if it might look at times that I got defeated!). The truth is that our Baba is very kind and we just need to be still in His Divine Presence, remembering Him always in all that we do. Let Baba write our life’s story in the best way He wills.

During this blessed journey I experienced various personal happy (and sad) occasions to celebrate with a post each for those memorable days. We, as the Sai Family, also celebrated the important auspicious days like the Anniversary day of the SAIBISA Book Launch, Guru Poornima Day, receiving the blessed Baba’s mantra “AUM SAI PARA BRAHMANAA NAMAH” through Jaya Di and our dear Jaya Di’s Birthday, which further fulfilled my Baba’s planned purpose and made my journey so blissful and worthwhile.

My special thanks from the bottom of my heart to our dearest Jaya Di…who made me so comfortable posting the precious lines from Our Book with constant blessings and beautiful encouraging words. This is the first time I am quoting the lines from an entire book of 25 Blessed Chapters…in 100 Blessed Posts! My heartfelt thanks to my dear husband Amar, for all his motivation, prayerful presence and involvement in every post. All love and thankful regards to each member of the HEAL THE WORLD Family for their constant support, loving responses, Babaful comments, warm likes and reactions. Some who are very regular and some who are present right from my first post. 🙂 I got some wonderful soul-sisters and close friends during this beautiful journey. Today, let’s together celebrate this day drenched with Baba’s Love. There is something more, I have a gift for you all to cherish forever and to help share your blessings with everyone you come across in your life. My humble namaskars, at our Baba’s Lotus Feet… AUM SRI SAI PARA BRAHMANAA NAMAH 🙂  May Peace be to all.



3 thoughts on “Celebrating 100 Blissful Babaful days

  1. My humble pranam at Baba’s lotus feet and regards to Ajitha JI:) its been a few days since i subscribed to this post and trust me not a single day has passed without reading your post:) and the same feeling i go through after reading the holy book “Sai Baba is still Alive”…i would like to request you to share your experience(happy/sad) with our lord our Guru Sai Baba in the blog if possible 🙂
    Aum Sai Param Braham Namah 🙂

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  2. Aum Sai…Hi Sinurani, Thank you very much for your valuable feedback and I am really happy to know that you have been following Baba’s posts and feeling blessed. Regarding my experiences, I have infinite number of experiences related with our dear Baba Sai…but I am still pondering about which one to share. I will definitely consider your loving request. Thank you very much once again. 🙂 Regards, Ajitha Amarnath


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