The Holy Padukas – Blessed Gyan 23

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

The Story of Padukas (foot-prints) under the Neem Tree

“A devotee of Akkalkot Maharaj, by name Bhai Krishnaji Alibagkar, worshipped the photo of Akkalkot Maharaj. He once thought of going to Akkalkot (Solapur District), take the darshan of the Padukas (foot-prints) of the Maharaj and offer his sincere prayer there, but before he could go there, he got a vision in his dream. Akkalkot Maharaj appeared in the vision and said to him, “Now Shirdi is my resting place, go there and offer your worship.

So, Bhai changed his plan and came to Shirdi, worshipped Baba, stayed there for six months and was happy. As a reminiscence of this vision etc., he prepared the Padukas and installed them on an auspicious day of Shravan, Shaka 1834 (1912 A.D.) under the Neem tree with due ceremonies and formalities, conducted by Dada Kelkar and Upasani. One Dixit Brahmin was appointed for worship, and the management was entrusted to devotee Sagun.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||


“Sada Nimbavrikshasya mooladhiwasaat, Sudhastravinam tiktamapiapriyam tam, Tarum Kalpavrikshadhikam sadhayantam Namameeshwaram Sadgurum Sai Natham” …..“I bow to the Lord Sai Nath, Who by His constant stay at the foot of the Neem tree, though bitter and unpleasant, made it was yet oozing nectar ( the oozing of this tree is called ‘Amrut’, i.e., nectar, on account of its healing properties) – superior than the Kalpavruksha (wish-fulfilling tree).”



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