Repairs to the Masjid – Blessed Gyan 37

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Repairs to the Masjid

“Another important idea occurred to Gopal Gund. Just as he started the Urus or fair, he thought that he should repair and renovate the Masjid. So in order to carry out the repairs, he collected stones and got them dressed. But this work was not assigned to him. This was reserved for Nanasaheb Chandorkar and the pavement-work for Kakasaheb Dixit. Initially Baba was unwilling to allow them to have jobs done, but with the intervention of Mhalsapati, a local devotee of Baba, His permission was secured. Baba took a small Gadi for His seat, discarding the usual piece of sack-cloth, used till then. In 1911, the Sabha Mandap (court-yard) was also put in order with great labour and effort. The open space in front of the Masjid was very small and inconvenient. Kakasaheb Dixit wanted to extend it and put a roofing on it. At great expense, he got iron-posts, pillars and trusses and started the work. At night all the devotees worked hard and fixed the posts; but Baba when he returned from Chavadi next morning, uprooted them all and threw them out.

Once it so happened that Baba got very excited, caught a pole with one hand, and began to shake and uproot it and with the other hand caught Tatya Patil’s neck. He took by force Tatya’s Pheta, struck a match, set it on fire and threw it, in a pit. At that time, Baba’s eyes flashed like burning embers. None dared to look at Him. All got terribly frightened. Baba took out a rupee from his pocket and threw it there, as if it were an offering on an auspicious occasion. Tatya was also very much frightened. None knew, what was going to happen to Tatya, and none dared to interfere. Bhagoji Shinde, the leper devotee of Baba, made a bold advance, but he was pushed aside by Baba. Madhavrao was also similarly treated, pelted with brick pieces. So all those who went to intercede, were similarly dealt with. But, after some time, Baba’s anger cooled down. He sent for a shop-keeper, got from him an embroidered Pheta and Himself tied it on Tatya’s head, as if he was being given a special honour. All the people were wonderstruck to see this strange behaviour of Baba. They were at a loss to know, what enraged Baba so suddenly and what led Him to assault Tatya Patil, and why His anger cooled down the next moment. Baba was sometimes very calm and quiet and talked sweet things with love, but suddenly, with or without any reason, got enraged. Many such incidents may be related; but I do not know which to choose and which to omit. I therefore, refer them as they occur to me.” 


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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