Mrs. Tarkhad’s Devotion – Blessed Gyan 59

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Mrs. Tarkhad

“Let us now take up the case of Mrs. Tarkhad herself. She offered three things, viz. (1) Bharit (roasted brinjal mixed with curds and spice), (2) Kacharya (circular pieces of brinjal fried in ghee), (3) Pedha (sweetmeat ball). Let us see, how Baba accepted them.

Once Mr. Raghuvir Bhaskar Purandare of Bandra, a great devotee of Baba started for Shirdi with his family. Mrs Tarkhad went to Mrs. Purandare, and gave her two brinjals and requested her to prepare Bharit of one brinjal and Kacharya of the other, when she went to Shirdi and serve Baba with them. After reaching Shirdi, Mrs. Purandare went with her dish of Bharit to the Masjid when Baba was just sitting for meals. Baba found the Bharit very tasty. So, He distributed it to all and said that, He wanted Kacharya now. A word was sent to Radha Krishna Mai, that Baba wanted Kacharya. She was in a fix, as that was no season of brinjals. How to get brinjals was the question? When an enquiry was made as to who brought the Bharit, it was found that Mrs. Purandare was entrusted with the duty of serving Kacharya. Everybody then came to know the significance of Baba’s enquiry regarding Kacharya and was wonder-struck at Baba’s all-pervasive knowledge.

In December 1915, one Govind Balaram Mankar wanted to go to Shirdi to perform the obsequies of his father. Before he left, he came to see Mr. Tarkhad. Then Mrs. Tarkhad wanted to send something with him to Baba. She searched the whole house but found nothing, except a Pedha, which had already been offered as Naivaidya. The boy Govind was in mourning. Out of great devotion to Baba, she sent the Pedha with him, hoping that Baba would accept and eat it. Govind went to Shirdi and saw Baba, but forgot to take the Pedha with him. Baba simply waited. When again he went to Baba in the afternoon, he went empty-handed without the Pedha. Baba could wait no longer and did ask him straight, “What did you bring for Me?” “Nothing” was the reply. Baba asked him again. The same reply came forth again. Then Baba asked him the leading question, “Did not the mother (Mrs. Tarkhad) give some sweetmeat to you for Me, at the time of your starting?” The boy then remembered the whole thing. He felt abashed, asked Baba’s pardon, ran to his lodging, brought the Pedha and gave it to Baba. As soon as Baba got it in His hand, He put it into His mouth and gulped it down. Thus the devotion of Mrs. Tarkhad was recognised and accepted. “As men believe in Me, so do I accept them” (Gita, 4-11) was proved in this case.


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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