Dr. Pandit’s Worship – Blessed Gyan 71

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Dr. Pandit’s Worship

“One Dr. Pandit, a friend of Tatyasaheb Noolkar, once came to Shirdi for Baba’s darshan. After saluting Baba, he sat in the Masjid for some time. Baba asked him to go to Dadabhat Kelkar. He went to Dadabhat, by whom he was well received. Then, Dadabhat left his house for Puja and Dr. Pandit accompanied him. Dadabhat worshipped Baba. Nobody, until then, dared to apply sandal paste to Baba’s forehead. Only Mhalsapati used to apply it to His neck. But, this simple-hearted, Dr. Pandit, took Dadadhat’s dish containing Puja-materials and taking sandal-paste out of it, drew a Tripund, i.e. there horizontal lines on Baba’s forehead. To the surprise of all, Baba kept silent, not uttering a single word. Then, Dadabhat that evening asked Baba, “How is it, that, though You object to the sandal-paste, being applied by others to Your forehead; You allowed Dr. Pandit to do so now?” Baba replied that, Dr. Pandit believed Him to be the same as his Guru, Raghunath Maharaja of Dhopeshwar, known as Kaka Puranik, and he applied the paste to His forehead, as he was doing to his Guru. Hence, He could not object. On enquiry, Dr. Pandit told Dadabhat that he took Baba as his Guru Kaka Puranik, and realised Him as the same, hence he marked the Tripund on Baba’s forehead, as he did on his Guru’s.

Though, Baba allowed the devotees to worship Him as they pleased, still sometimes, He acted in a strange way. Sometimes, He threw away the Puja-dish and was wrath Incarnate, then, who could approach Him? Sometimes, He scolded the devotees; at times, He looked softer than wax, a statue of peace and forgiveness. Though, He seemed to shake with anger and His red eyes rolled round, still, He was internally, an ocean of affection and motherly love. He would call out His devotees and say, that He never knew, when He was ever angry with them. If it was possible that mothers could kick their children and the sea turn back the river, He too could neglect the devotees’ welfare; that He, the Slave of His devotees, always stood by them, and responded to them, whenever they called upon Him and that, He always longed for their love.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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