The Real Medicine – Blessed Gyan 81

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Kaka Mahajani

“Another devotee named Kaka Mahajani, suffered once from diarrhoea. In order that there should be no break in his services to Baba, Kaka kept a Tambya (pot) with water in one corner of the Masjid and whenever there was a call, he would go out. As Sai Baba knew everything, Kaka did not inform Him of his disease, thinking that, Baba would of His own cure it soon. The work of constructing the pavement in front of the Masjid was permitted by Baba, but when the actual work begun, Baba got wild and shouted out loudly. Everybody ran away and as Kaka was also doing the same, Baba caught hold of him and made him sit there.

In the confusion that followed, somebody left a small pouch of groundnuts there. Baba took a handful of groundnuts, rubbed them in His hands, blew away the skins, and gave the clean nuts to Kaka and made him eat them. Scolding and cleaning the nuts, and making Kaka eat them, went on simultaneously. Baba Himself ate some of them. Then, when the nuts were finished, Baba asked him to fetch water, as He felt thirsty. Kaka brought a pitcher full of water. Then, Baba drank some water and made Kaka also drink it. Baba declared, “Now, your diarrhoea has stopped and you may attend to the work of the pavement.” In the meanwhile other people, who had run away, returned and started the work, and Kaka, whose motions had stopped, also joined them. Are groundnuts medicine for diarrhoea? According to current medical opinion, groundnuts would aggravate the disease, and not cure it. The true medicine, in this as in other cases, was Baba’s word.

Dattopant of Harda

A gentleman from Harda by name Dattopant suffered form stomach-ache for fourteen yeas. None of the remedies gave him any relief. Then hearing of Baba’s fame, that He cures diseases by sight he ran to Shirdi, and fell at Baba’s Feet. Baba looked at him kindly and gave him blessings. When Baba placed His hand on his head and gave him Udi with blessings, he felt relieved and there was no further trouble from the malady.

Towards the end of  this Chapter three cases are cited in footnotes:

1. Madhavrao Deshpande suffered from piles. Baba gave him decoction of Sonamukhi (senna pods). This relieved him. Then, after two years the trouble again recurred and Mahdavrao took the same decoction without consulting Baba. The result was that, the disease aggravated but later on it was cured by Baba’s grace.

2. Kaka Mahajani’s elder brother, Gangadharpant, suffered for many years from stomach-pain. Hearing Baba’s fame he came to Shirdi and requested Baba to cure him. Baba touched his belly and said, “God will cure”. From that time there was no stomach-pain and he was completely cured.

3. Nanasaheb Chandorkar also once suffered from acute stomach-pain, he was restless the whole day and night. Doctors administered injections, which produced no effect. Then he approached Baba, Who told him to eat Burfi (a kind of sweetmeat) mixed with ghee. This recipe gave him complete relief.

All these stories show, that the real medicine that cured the various diseases permanently was Baba’s word and grace, and not any medicines or drugs.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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