Baba’s unique way of teaching – Blessed Gyan 99

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Mrs. Radhabai Deshmukh (contd.)

“Hearing this story carefully and attentively, and marking its significance and appropriateness, Hemadpant was most agreeably surprised. On seeing this wonderful Leela of Baba, he was moved from top to toe, he was overflowing with joy, his throat was choked and he was not able to utter a single word. Shama, on seeing him in this condition asked him, “What is the matter with you, why are you silent? How shall I describe the innumerable Leelas of Baba?”

Just at that time the bell in the Masjid began to ring, proclaiming that, the noon-worship and Arati ceremony had begun. Therefore, Shama and Hemadpant hurried to the Masjid. Bapusaheb Jog had just started the worship. Women were up in the Masjid, and men were standing below in the open courtyard and they were all loudly singing the Arati in chorus to the accompaniment of drums. Shama went up, pulling Hemadpant with him. He sat to the right and Hemadpant in front of Baba. On seeing them, Baba asked Hemadpant to give the Dakshina brought from Shama. He replied that Shama gave Namaskars in lieu of Rupees, and that he was there in person. Baba said, “Alright, now let Me know whether you both had a chitchat, and if so, tell Me all that you talked about.”

Not minding the sounds of the bell, the drum and the chorus songs, Hemadpant was eager to tell Baba what they had talked about and started to narrate it. Baba was also anxious to hear and so, He left the bolster and leaned forward. Hemadpant said all that they talked about, was very pleasant specially, the story of the old lady was most wonderful and that, on hearing it, he thought that, His Leela was inexplicable, and under the guise of that story, He really blessed him. Baba then said, “Wonderful is the story. How were you blessed? I would like to know everything in detail from you, so, tell Me all about it.” Then, Hemadpant related in full, the story which he had heard a little while before and which had made a lasting impression on his mind. Hearing this, Baba was much pleased and asked him, “Did the story strike you and did you catch its significance?” He replied, “Yes Baba, the restlessness of my mind has vanished and I have got true peace and rest, and came to know the true path.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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