Baba’s unique method – Blessed Gyan 100

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Mrs. Radhabai Deshmukh (contd.)

Then Baba spoke as follows: “My method is quite unique. Remember well, this one story, and it will be very useful. To get the knowledge (realization) of the Self, Dhyan (meditation) is necessary. If you practice it continuously, the Vrittis (subtle thoughts) will be pacified. Being quite desireless, you should meditate on the God, Who is in all the creatures, and when the mind is concentrated, the goal will be achieved. Meditate always on My Formless Nature, which is knowledge incarnate, consciousness and bliss. If you cannot do this, meditate on My Form from top to toe, as you see here night and day. As you go on doing this, your Vrittis will be single-pointed, and the distinction between the Dhyata (meditator), Dhyana (act of meditation), Dhyeya (this meditated upon) will be lost, and the meditator will be one with the Consciousness and be merged in the Brahma. The (mother) tortoise is on one bank of the river and her young ones are on the other. She gives neither milk, nor warmth to them. Her mere loving glance gives them nutrition. The young ones, do nothing but remember (meditate upon) their mother. The tortoise glance is to the young ones, the only source of sustenance and happiness. Similar is the relation, between the Guru and disciples.”

When Baba uttered these words, the chorus of the Arati songs was over and all cried out loudly in unison, “Victory be to our Sadguru Sai Maharaj, Who is Pure Consciousness, Knowledge and Bliss.” Dear readers, let us imagine, that we are at this time, standing amongst the crowd in the Masjid and let us join them in this Jai Jai Kaar.

After the Arati ceremony was over Prasad was distributed. Bapusaheb Jog came forward as usual and after saluting Baba, gave into His palm a handful of sugar-candy. Baba pushed all this into the hands of Hemadpant and said to him, “If you take this story to heart and remember it well, your state will be sweet as the sugar-candy, all your desires will be fulfilled and you will be happy.” Hemadpant bowed before Baba, and implored, “Do favour me like this, bless and protect me always!” Baba replied, “Hear this story, meditate on it and assimilate its spirit. Then you will always remember and meditate on the Lord, Who will manifest Himself to you.”

Dear Readers! Hemadpant got Prasad of sugar-candy, and we now get the Prasad of sugar-candy or nectar of this story. Let us drink it to our heart’s content, meditate on it, and assimilate it, and be strong and happy by Baba’s grace. Amen!”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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