Baba’s ways of Upadesh – Blessed Gyan 104

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Variety in Upadesh – Slanderer Condemned (contd..)

Baba said that He was omnipresent, transcending land, air, world, light and heaven, and that He was not localised. To remove the misunderstanding of those who thought that Baba was only His body – three cubits and a half in length, He incarnated Himself in this Form and if any devotee meditated on Him, day and night, with complete self-surrender, he experienced complete union with Him, like sweetness and sugar, waves and sea, eye and its sight. He who wants to get rid of the cycle of births and deaths, should lead a righteous life, with his mind calm and composed. He should always engage himself in good actions, should do his duties and surrender himself, heart and soul to Him. He need not then be afraid of anything. He, who trusts Him entirely, hears and expounds His Leelas and does not think of anything else, is sure to attain Self-Realization.

Baba asked many to remember His name and to surrender to Him, but to those, who wanted to know, who they were (“Who am I”), He advised Shravan (study) and Manan (contemplation). To some, He advised remembering God’s name, to others, hearing His Leelas, to some, worship of His Feet, to others reading and studying Adhyatma Ramayan, Dynaneshwari and other sacred scriptures. Some, He made sit near His Feet, some, He sent to Khandoba’s temple, and some, He advised the repetition of the thousand names of Vishnu and some the study of Chhandogya Upanishad and Geeta.

There were neither any limit, nor any restriction to His instructions. He gave in person or by visions and dreams. To someone addicted to drink, He appeared in his dream, sat on his chest, pressed it and left him after he gave a promise, not to touch liquor anymore. To some, He explained some Mantras like ‘Gurur Brahma’ in dreams. To some devotee, who was practising Hath Yoga, He sent word that, he should leave off Hath-Yoga practices, sit quiet and wait (Saburi)! It is impossible to describe all His ways and methods.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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