The Lesson from Maid – Blessed Gyan 109

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Kaka’s Maid-Servant

“Fully believing in Baba’s words, he left Shirdi and came to Ville Parle (a suburb of Mumbai), and stayed with Kakasaheb Dixit. There the next day, when Das Ganu was enjoying his morning nap (some say, when he was engaged in worship), he heard a poor girl singing a beautiful song in clear and melodious voice. The theme of the song was a crimson coloured Sari, how nice it was, how fine was its embroidery, how beautiful were its borders etc. He liked the song so much that he came out and saw that it was being sung by a young girl, the sister of Namya, who was a servant of Kakasaheb. The girl was cleaning vessels, and had only a torn rag on her person. On seeing her impoverished condition and her happy temperament, Das Ganu felt pity for her; and when Rao Bahadur M.V.Pradhan, gave him a pair of Dhotars the next day, he requested him to give a Sari to the poor little girl also. Rao Bahadur bought a good Chirdi (small Sari) and presented it to her. Like a starved person getting delicious dishes to eat, her joy knew to bounds.

Next day she wore the new Sari, and out of great joy and merriment, whirled and danced around and played ‘Fugadi’ with other girls. The following day, she kept the new Sari in her box at home and came in the old and torn rags but she looked as merry as she was the previous day. On seeing this, Das Ganu’s pity was transferred into admiration. He thought that the girl being poor had to wear a torn rag but now she had a new Sari, which she kept in reserve and putting on the old rag, strutted about, showing no trace of sorrow or dejection.

Thus, he realized that, all our feelings of pain and pleasure depend upon the attitude of our mind. On thinking deeply over this incident, he realized that, a man ought to enjoy whatever God has bestowed on him in the firm conviction that, He besets everything, from all sides; and that, whatever is bestowed on him by God must be for his good. In this particular case, the impoverished condition of the poor girl, her torn rag and the new Sari, the donor, the donee and the deal were all parts of the Lord and pervaded by Him. Here, Das Ganu got a practical demonstration of the lesson of the Upanishad – the lesson of contentment with one’s own lot in the belief that whatever happens, is ordained by God, and is ultimately good for us.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||





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