Institution of Saints – Blessed Gyan 113

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Institution of Saints

There have been institutions of Saints in this world, from time immemorial. Various Saints appear (incarnate) themselves in various places to carry out the missions allotted to them, but though they work in different places, they are, as it were one. They work in unison under the common authority of the Almighty Lord, and know fully well, what each of them is doing in his place, and supplement his work where necessary. An instance illustrating this is given below.

Mr. Thakur

“Mr. V.H.Thakur, B.A., was a clerk in the Revenue Department and he once came to a town, named Vadgaon near Belgaon (South Mysore country) along with a survey party. There he saw a Kanarese Saint (Appa) and bowed before him. The Saint was explaining a portion from the book ‘Vichar Sagar’ of Nischal Das (a standard work on Vedanta) to the audience. When Thakur was taking his leave to go he said to him, “You should study this book and if you do so, your desires will be fulfilled and when you go North in the discharge of your duties in future, you will come across a great Saint by your fortune, and then he will show you the future path and give rest to your mind and make you happy.

Then he was transferred to Junnar, where he had to go by crossing Nhane Ghat. This Ghat was very steep and difficult, and no other conveyance, other than a buffalo, was of use in crossing it. So he had to take a buffalo-ride through the Ghat, which was very inconvenient for to him. Thence he was transferred on promotion to Kalyan and there, he got acquainted with Nanasaheb Chandorkar. He heard much about Sai Baba from him and wished to see Him.

Next day, Nanasaheb had to go to Shirdi, and he asked Thakur to accompany him. He could not do so, as he had to attend the Thana Civil Court for a civil case. So Nanasaheb went alone. Thakur went to Thana, but there the case was postponed. Then he repented for not accompanying Nanasaheb. Still he left for Shirdi and when he reached there, he found that Nanasaheb had left the place the previous day.

Some of his other friends, whom he met there, took him to Baba. He saw Baba, fell at His Feet and was overjoyed. His eyes were full of tears and his hair stood on end. Then after a while, the omniscient Baba said to him, “The path of this place is not so easy as the teachings of the Kanarese Saint Appa or even as the buffalo-ride in the Nhane Ghat. In this spiritual path, you have to put in your best effort, it is very difficult.” When Thakur heard these significant words, which only he knew, he was overwhelmed with joy. He came to know, that the word of the Kanarese Saint had turned true. Then joining both hands and placing his head on Baba’s Feet, he prayed that, he should be accepted and blessed.

Then Baba said, “What Appa told you was all right, but these things have to be practised and lived. Mere reading won’t do. You have to think and carry out what you read, otherwise, it is of no use. Mere book-learning, without the grace of the Guru, and self-realization is of no avail.” The theoretical portion was read from the work ‘Vichar Sagar’ by Thakur, but the practical way was shown to him at Shirdi.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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