Cholera Epidemic – Blessed Gyan 126

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Cholera Epidemic

“Once, cholera was raging virulently in Shirdi. The residents were very frightened and they stopped all communication with the outside people. The Panch of the village assembled together and decided upon two ordinances, as a remedy to check and put down the epidemic. They were :

(1) No fuel-cart should be allowed to come in the village, and

(2) No goat should be killed there.

If anybody disobeyed these ordinances, they were to be fined by the village-authorities and Panch. Baba knew that all this was mere superstition and therefore, He cared a damn for the cholera-ordinances. While the ordinances were in force, a fuel-cart came there and wanted to enter the village. Everybody knew that there was dearth or scarcity of fuel in the village, still the people began to drive away the fuel-cart. Baba came to know of this. He came to the spot and asked the cart man to take the fuel-cart to the Masjid. None dared to raise his voice against this action of Baba. He wanted fuel for His Dhuni and so He purchased it. Like an Agnihotri keeping his sacred fire alive, throughout his life, Baba kept His Dhuni ever burning, all day and night; and for this He always stocked fuel. Baba’s home, i.e. the Masjid was free and open to all. It had no lock and key and some poor people removed some wood from there for their use. Baba did not grumble about this. Baba saw that the whole universe was pervaded by the Almighty and so, He never bore enmity or ill-will to anybody. Though perfectly detached, He behaved like an ordinary house-holder to set an example to the people.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||

|| Happy and Blessed Baba’s Day To You All 🙂 _/\_ ||




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