Chana Leela – Blessed Gyan 130

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Generally, all people like wit and humour but they do not like that jokes should be cut at their expense. But Baba’s method was peculiar; when it was accompanied with good gestures, it was very interesting and instructive, and the people therefore did not mind, even if they were held up to  ridicule. Hemadpant gives his own instance below.

Chana Leela

In Shirdi, a special bazar was held every Sunday and people from the neighbouring villages came there, erected booths and stalls in the open street and sold their wares and commodities. Every noon the Masjid was crowded, but on Sunday, it was crowded to suffocation. On one such Sunday Hemadpant sat in front of Baba, shampooing His Legs and muttering God’s name. Shama was on Baba’s left, Vamanrao to His right. Shriman Buti and Kakasaheb Dixit and others were also present there. Then Shama laughed and said to Annasaheb, “See that some grains seem to have stuck to the sleeve of your coat.” So saying he touched the sleeve and found that, there were some grains. Hemadpant straightened his left fore-arm to see what the matter was, and to the the surprise of all, some grains of gram come rolling down and were picked up by the people, who were sitting there.

This incident furnished a subject-matter for joke. Everybody present began to wonder and said something or other, as to how the grains found their way into the sleeve of the coat and lodged there so long. Hemadpant also could not guess. When nobody could give any satisfactory explanation in this matter, and everybody was wondering about this mystery, Baba said as follows :

“This fellow (Annasaheb) has got the bad habit of eating alone. Today is a bazar-day and he was here chewing grams. I know, his habit and these grams are a proof of it. What wonder is there, in this matter?”

Hemadpant: “Baba, I never know of eating things alone; then, why do You shoulder me this bad habit? I have never yet seen Shirdi bazar. I never went to the bazar today, then how could I buy grams, and how could I eat them if I had not bought them? I never eat anything unless I share it with others present around me at the time of my meals.”

Baba: “It is true that, you give to the persons present but if none be near-by, what could you or I do But do you remember Me before eating? Am I not always with you? Then do you offer Me anything before you eat?”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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