Believe in Baba – Blessed Gyan 137

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Amra-Leela (Mango miracle)

“Once a parcel of about 300 good mangoes was received at Shirdi. It was sent from Goa by one Mamlatdar, named Rale to Sai Baba, in the name of Shama. When it was opened, all the mangoes were found to be in a good condition. They were given in Shama’s charge and only four were retained and placed in the Kolamba (pot) by Baba. He said that, “These four fruits are for Damu Anna, let them lie there!”

This Damu Anna had three wives. According to his statement, mentioned above, he had not three, but two wives only. He had no issue. He consulted many astrologers and himself studied astrology to some extent and found that as there was a ‘Papi’ (inauspicious) planet in his horoscope, there was no prospect of any issue to him in this life. But he had great faith in Baba. When he went to Shirdi, two hours after the receipt of the mango parcel, for worshipping Baba, He said, “Though other people are looking for the mangoes, they are Damya’s. He whose they are, should ‘eat and die’.”

Damu Anna, on hearing these words, was first shocked, but on Mhalsapati (a Shirdi devotee) explaining to him that, death meant the death of ego, and to have it at Baba’s Feet was a blessing. Damu Anna said that, he could accept the fruits and eat them. But Baba said to him, “Do not eat yourself, but give them to your younger wife. This Amra-Leela (mango miracle of 4 mangoes) will give her four sons and four daughters.”  This was done, and in due course it was found Baba’s words turned out true and not those of the astrologers.

Baba’s speech established its efficacy and greatness, while He was living in the flesh, but it did the same even after His passing away. Baba said, “Believe Me, though I pass away, My bones in My tomb would be speaking, moving and communicating with those, who would surrender themselves whole-heartedly to Me. Do not be anxious that, I would be absent from you. You will hear My bones speaking and discussing your welfare. But remember Me always, believe in Me heart and soul and then, you will be most benefited.” ”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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