Everything is Maya – Blessed Gyan 139

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Chapter XXVI – Preliminary

“All the things, that we see in the Universe are nothing but a play of Maya – the creative power of the Lord. These things do not really exist. What really exists is the Absolute. Just as we mistake a rope or a garland for a serpent, on account of darkness, we always see the phenomena, i.e. things, as they outwardly appear, and not the Phenomenon, which underlies all the visible things. It is only the Sadguru who opens the eyes of our understanding and enables us to see things in their true light and not as they appear. Let us therefore, worship the Sadguru and pray to him to give us the true vision, which is nothing but God-vision.

Inner Worship

Hemadpant has given us a novel form of worship. Let us, he says, use water in the form of tears of joy to wash the Sadguru’s Feet, let us besmear His body with sandle-paste of Pure Love, let us cover His body with the cloth of True Faith, let us offer eight lotuses in the form of our eight Sattwik emotions and fruit in the form of our concentrated mind, let us apply to His head Bukka (black-powder) in the form of Devotion and tie the waistband of Bhakti and place our head on his toes.

After decorating the Sadguru with all ornamentation this way, let us offer our self to Him and wave chamar of devotion to ward off heat. After such blissful worship, let us pray thus: “Turn our mind inward, give us discrimination between the unreal and the real and non-attachment for all worldly things, and thus enable us to get Self-Realisation. We surrender ourselves, body and soul (body-consciousness and ego). Make our eyes Yours, so that we should never feel pleasure and pain. Control our body and mind as You wish. Let our mind rest at Your Feet.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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