Baba Consecrating Books – Blessed Gyan 144

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“This chapter describes, how Sai Baba favoured His devotees by granting them religious books, after he had touched and consecrated them, for Paraayan (reading regularly) and certain other matters.

Granting Consecrated Book

The various methods of imparting instructions, followed by Baba have already been noticed in the previous Chapters. In this, we shall deal with one aspect of it. It was the habit of some devotees to take to Baba some religious books, of which they wanted to make a special study and to receive the same back from Him, after they were touched and consecrated by Him. While reading daily such books daily, they felt that, Baba was with them.

Once Kaka Mahajani came to Shirdi with a copy of Eknathi Bhagwat. Shama took this book to read in the Masjid. There Baba took it from him, touched it and turning some pages here and there, gave it back to Shama and asked him to keep it with him. When Shama said that it belonged to Kaka and had to be returned to him.“No, no,” replied Baba. “As I have given it to you, you better keep it, it will be of use to you.”

In this way many books were entrusted to Shama. Kaka Mahajani after a few days, came again with another copy of the same Bhagwat and gave it in Baba’s hand. Then Baba gave it back as Prasad and asked him to preserve it well, and assured him that, it would stand him in good stead. Kaka accepted it with reverence.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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