On Guru and His Disciple – Blessed Gyan 148

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Mr. and Mrs. Khaparde

“Let us close this chapter with a description of the Khapardes. Once Dadasaheb Khaparde came with his family and lived in Shirdi for some months. (The diary of his stay has been published in English in the Shri Sai Leela Magazin, I Volume.) Dadasaheb was not an ordinary man. He was the affluent and the most famous advocate of Amaravati (Berar) and was a member of the Council of State, Delhi. He was very intelligent and a very good speaker. Still he dared not open his mouth before Baba. Most devotees spoke and argued with Baba off and on, but only three, viz. Khaparde, Noolkar and Buti kept always silent. They were meek, modest, humble and good-natured.

Dadasaheb, who was able to expound Panchadashi (Well-known Sanskrit treatise on the Adwait Philosophy by the famous Vidyaranya) to others, uttered no word when he came to the Masjid before Baba. A man, however learned he may be even in Vedas, fades away before one, who has realised Brahman and become one with it. Learning cannot shine before Self-realisation. Dadasaheb stayed for four months, but Mrs. Khaparde stayed for seven. Both were highly pleased with their Shirdi stay. Mrs. Khaparde was faithful and devout, and loved Baba deeply. Every noon she brought Naivaidya herself, to the Masjid, and after it was accepted by Baba, she used to return and take her meals. On seeing her steady and firm devotion, Baba wanted to exhibit it to others.

One noon she brought a dish containing Sanza (wheat-pudding), purees, rice, soup, and kheer (sweet rice) and other sundry articles to the Masjid. Baba, Who usually waited for hours, got up at once, went up to His seat and removing the cover from the dish, began to partake of the things zealously. Shama then asked Him, “Why this partiality? At times You throw away dishes of others, and do not care to look at them; but this appeals to You earnestly. Why is the dish brought by this lady so sweet? This intrigues us.”

Baba then explained, “This food is really extra-ordinary. In former birth this lady was a merchant’s fat cow yielding much milk. Then, she disappeared and took birth in a gardener’s family, then in a Kshatriya family and married a merchant. Then she was born in a Brahmin family. I saw her after a very long time, let Me take some sweet morsels of love from her dish.” After saying this, Baba did full justice to her dish, washed his mouth and hands, belched out as He was fully satisfied and resumed His seat. Then, she bowed down and began to shampoo Baba’s legs and He began to talk with her and knead her arms which were shampooing His Legs.

On seeing this reciprocal service, Shama began to joke and said, “It is going on well, it is a wonderful sight to see God and His Bhakta serving each other.” After being pleased with her sincere service, Baba asked her in low and fascinating tone to chant ‘Rajarama, Rajarama’ then and always and said, “If you do this, your life’s object will be gained, your mind will attain peace and you will be immensely benefitted.” To persons unfamiliar with spiritual matters, this might appear as a polite gesture, but really it was not so. It was a case of what is technically called, ‘Shakti-paat’, i.e. transference of power from the Guru to the disciple. How effective were Baba’s words! In an instant, they pierced her heart and remained there.

This case illustrates the nature of the relations, that should subsist between the Guru and the disciple. Both should love and serve each other, as One. There is no distinction nor any difference between them. Both are One, and one cannot live without the other. The disciple placing his head on the Guru’s feet is a gross or outward vision; really and internally they are both One and the same. Those who see any difference between them are yet unripe and not perfect.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||





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