Baba’s Sparrow No. 1 – Blessed Gyan 150

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Sai Baba often said that – let His man (Devotee) be at any distance, a thousand kos away from Him, he will be drawn to Shirdi like a sparrow, with a thread tied to its feet. This chapter describes the stories of three such sparrows.

(1) Lala Lakshmichand

This gentleman was first serving in the Shri Venkateshwar Press in Mumbai, then in the railway department and afterwards in the firm of Messrs Ralli Brothers & Co., as a Munshi (clerk). He came in Baba’s contact in 1910. One or two months before Christmas he saw in his dream at Santacruz (a suburb of Mumbai) an old man with a beard, standing and surrounded by his Bhaktas.

A few days later he went to the house of his friend, Mr Dattatreya Manjunath Bijur to hear the Kirtan by Das Ganu. It was (and is) always the practice of Das Ganu to keep Baba’s picture in front of the audience, while doing the Kirtan. Lakshmichand was surprised to see that the features of the old man he saw in his dream, tallied exactly with those in the picture and thus he came to the conclusion that the old man, he saw in his dream, was Sai Baba Himself. The sight of this picture, Das Ganu’s kirtan and the life of the Saint Tukaram on which Das Ganu discoursed, all these things made a deep impression on his mind and he decided to go to Shirdi. It is always the experience of the Bhaktas that God always helps them in their search for Sadguru and other spiritual endeavours.

That very night, a friend named Shankararao knocked at his door and asked him whether he would accompany him to Shirdi. His joy knew no bounds and he at once decided to go to Shirdi. He borrowed Rs.15/- from his cousin and after making due preparations left for Shirdi. In the train, he and his friend Shankararao did some Bhajan (sang religious songs) and enquired about Sai Baba with some fellow passengers – four Mohammedens, who were returning to their place near Shirdi. They all told them that Sai Baba was a great Saint living in Shirdi for many years. When they reached Kopergaon, he wanted to buy some good guavas as offering to Baba, but he was so rapt with the scenery and sights there, that he forgot to purchase them. When they were nearing Shirdi, he was reminded of the guavas, just then he saw an old woman with a guava-basket on her head, running after the tonga. The tonga was stopped, and he gladly purchased some fruits, when the woman said,  “Take all the rest and offer them on my behalf to Baba.”

The facts viz. that he had intended to purchase guavas, but that he had forgotten to do so, the old woman’s encounter and her devotion to Baba, all these were a pleasant surprise to both the friends, and Lakshmichand thought in his mind, that the old woman might be some relation of the old man he saw in his dream. Then they drove on and came near Shirdi and on seeing the flags on the Masjid, they saluted them. With Puja materials in hand, they then went to the Masjid and worshipped Baba with due ritual. Lakshmichand was much moved and was extremely happy to see Baba. He wrapped himself around with Baba’s Feet, as a bee with a sweet smelling lotus. Then Baba spoke as follows :-

“Cunning fellow, he does bhajan on the way and enquires from others; why ask others? Everything we should see with our own eyes; where is the necessity to question others? Just think for yourself whether your dream is true or not? Where was the necessity of the darshan by taking a loan from a Marwari? Is the heart’s desire now satisfied?”

Hearing these words Lakshmichand was wonderstruck at Baba’s omniscience. He was at a loss to know how Baba came to know about all the things that had happened enroute from his house to Shirdi. The chief thing to note in this respect is that Baba never liked people to borrow or take loan for His darshan, or celebrating any holiday or making any pilgrimage.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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