SAI RAMA – Blessed Gyan 157

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

This chapter (Chapter XXIX) described other interesting and wonderful stories of Sai Baba.

(1) Chennai Bhajani Mela

“It was in the year 1916 when a Chennai’s Bhajani Mela (Party of the Ramadasi Panth) started on a Pilgrimage to the holy city of Benaras. The party consisted of a man, his wife, daughter and sister-in-law. Unfortunately their names are not mentioned. On their way, the party heard that there lived in Shirdi, Ahmednagar district, a great saint named Sai Baba, Who was God realised and Who was very generous and distributed money every day to His bhaktas and to skillful persons who went and showed their talent there. A lot of money in the form of Dakshina was collected daily by Sai Baba and out of this amount, He gave daily one rupee to a three year old girl Amani, the daughter of a bhakta Kondaji and Rs. 2 to 5 to some, Rs. 6 to Jamali, the mother of Amani and Rs. 10 to 20 and even Rs. 50 to other bhaktas as He pleased.

On hearing all this the party came to Shirdi and stayed there. The Mela did very good bhajan and sang very good songs, but inwardly they desired money. Three of the party were full of avarice, but the lady or mistress was of a very different nature. She had regard and love for Baba.

Once it so happened, that when the noon-day Arati was going on, Baba was much pleased with her faith and devotion, and was pleased to give her vision of her Ishta (chosen) Deity. To her Baba appeared as Sitanath (Ram) while to all the others the usual Sainath. On seeing her beloved Deity, she was very much moved. Tears began to flow from her eyes and she clapped her hands in joy. The people began to wonder at her joyful mood but were not able to guess its cause. Late in the afternoon she disclosed everything to her husband. She told him how she saw Shri Ram in Sai Baba. He thought that she was a very simple and devout woman, and her seeing Ram might be a creation of her mind. He ignored her, saying that it was not possible, that she alone should see Ram while they all saw Sai Baba there. She did not resent this remark, as she was fortunate enough to get Ramdarshan, as and when her mind was calm and composed and free from avarice.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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