Wonderful Vision – Blessed Gyan 158

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Wonderful Vision

“Things were going on like this, when the husband got a strange vision in his dream one night:

He was in a big city, the police there had arrested him, tied his hands with a rope, and put him up in a cage (lock-up). As the police were tightening the grip, he saw Sai Baba standing quiet outside, near the cage. On seeing Baba so close, he said in a plaintive tone, “After hearing Your fame I resorted to Your Feet then why should a calamity befall me when You are standing here in person?” Baba said, “You must suffer the consequences of your action.” He said, “I have not done anything in this life which would bring such a misfortune on me.” Baba said, “If not in this life, you must have committed some sin in your past life.” He replied, “I do not know anything of my past life, but assuming that I did commit some sin then, why should it not be burnt and destroyed in Your presence as happens to dry grass before fire?” Baba, “Have you got such faith?  He, “Yes. Baba then asked him to close his eyes. No sooner did he shut them, than he heard a thumping sound of something falling down, and opening his eyes, he saw that he was free and the police fallen down, bleeding. Being much frightened he began to look at Baba, Who said, “Now you are well caught, officers will now come and arrest you. Then, he begged, “There is no other saviour except You, save me somehow!” Then Baba again asked him to close his eyes. He did so and when he opened them again he saw that he was free, out of the cage and that Baba was by his side. He then fell at Baba’s Feet. Baba then asked him, “Is there any difference between this Namaskar and your previous ones? Think well and then reply. He said, “There is a lot of difference; my former Namaskars were offered with the object of getting money from You, but the present Namaskar is one offered to You as God, besides, earlier I thought resentfully that You, being a Mohammeden, were spoiling us the Hindus.” Baba, “Do you not believe in your mind in Mohammeden Gods?” He said, “No.” Then Baba said, “Have you not got a Panja (Emblem of Hand) in your house and do you not worship the same in Tabut, i.e. Moharrum festival? Also there is in your house another Deity by name Kadbibi, whom you propitiate and appease on marriage occasion and other festivals. Is it not so?  He admitted all this. Then Baba said, What more do you want?” Then a desire arose in his mind to get the darshan of his Guru Ramdas, when Baba asked him to turn back and see. And when he turned around , lo! Ramdas was in front of him. No sooner did he bend to fall at His Feet Guru Ramdas vanished. Then he inquisitively asked Baba,You look old, do You know Your age?” Baba: “What! Do you say, I am old! Just run a race with Me and see.” On saying this Baba began to run and he too followed. Baba disappeared in the dust raised by His foot-steps while running, and at that moment man awoke.

After waking up he began to think seriously about the dream-vision. His mental attitude was completely changed and he realised the greatness of Baba. After this, his doubting tendencies disappeared and true devotion to Baba’s Feet descended on his mind. The vision was a mere dream, but the questions and answers therein, were most significant and interesting.

Next morning when all assembled in the Masjid for the Arati, Baba gave him as Prasad two rupees’ worth sweetmeats and also two rupees from His pocket, and blessed him. He made him stay there for a few more days and gave him His blessing, saying, “Allah (God) will give you plenty and He will do you all good.” He did not get more money there, but he got far better things viz. Baba’s blessing which stood him in good stead all along. The party got plenty of money afterwards and their pilgrimage was successful as they did not suffer any trouble or inconvenience during their journey. They all returned home safe, thinking of Baba’s words and blessings and the Anand (Bliss) they experienced by His grace.

This story illustrates one of the methods, which Baba followed (and is following even now) in some cases to improve and reform His devotees.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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