Sai Leela as the Kalpataru – Blessed Gyan 163

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“The following story is not a mere tale, but pure nectar. He who drinks it will realise Sai’s greatness and all-pervasiveness. Those who want to argue and criticise should not go in for this. What is wanted here, is not discussion but unlimited love and devotion. Learned, devout and faithful believers or those, who consider themselves as servants of the Saints, will like and appreciate these stories, others will take them to be fables. The fortunate Bhaktas of Sai, will find the Sai-leelas as the Kalpataru (wish-fulfilling tree). Drinking in or devouring this nectar of Sai-leelas will give liberation to the ignorant Jivas, satisfaction to the house-holders and a sadhana to the aspirants. Now, we come to the story of this chapter.

Kakaji Vaidya

There lived in Vani, Nasik District, a man named Kakaji Vaidya. He was the priest of the Goddess Saptashringi, there. He was so much overpowered by adverse circumstances and calamities that he lost peace of mind and became quite restless. Under such circumstances, one evening, he went into the temple of the Goddess and prayed unto Her from the bottom of his heart and invoked Her aid to free him from anxiety. The Goddess was pleased with his devotion and the same night appeared to him in his dream and said to him, “You go to Baba and then your mind will become calm and composed.”

Kakaji was anxious to know from Her, Who this Baba was, but before he could get any explanation, he was awakened. Then, he began to think as to Who might be this Baba, to whom the Goddess has asked him to go. After some thinking, he resolved that this Baba might be ‘Tryambakeshwar’ (Lord Shiva). So he went to the holy place ‘Tryambak’ (Nasik district) and stayed there for ten days. During this period, he bathed early in the morning, chanted the ‘Rudra’ hymns, did the ‘Abhishek’ (pouring fresh water over the Pindi) and did other religious rites; but with all this, he was as restless as before. Then he returned to his place and again invoked the Goddess most pitifully. They night She again appeared in his dream and said, “Why did you go to Tryambakeshwar in vain? I mean by Baba – Shri Sai Samarth of Shirdi.”

The question before Kakaji now was, ‘How and when to go to Shirdi and how to see Baba?’ If anybody is in real earnest to see a Saint, not only the Saint but God also, fulfils his wish. In fact the ‘Sant’ (Saint) and the ‘Anant’ (God) are one and the same, there is not the least difference between them. If anybody thinks that he will go on his own wish and see a Saint, that will be a mere boast. Unless the Saint wills it, no one is able to go and see him. Even the leaf of the tree won’t move without his bidding. The more anxious a Bhakta is for the visit to the Saint, the more devout and faithful he is, the more speedily and effectively is his wish satisfied to his heart’s content. He who invites anybody for a visit, also arranges everything for his reception, and so it happened with Kakaji.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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