God draws His devotees – Blessed Gyan 164

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Shama’s Vows

“When Kakaji was thinking about his intended visit to Shirdi, a guest came to him at his place to take him to Shirdi. He was no other than Shama, a very close and intimate devotee of Baba. How he came to Vani at this juncture, we shall just see.

Shama was severely ill when he was very young and his mother had taken a vow to her family Goddess Saptashringi at Vani that, if the son got well, she would bring and dedicate him at Her feet. Then, after some years the mother herself suffered much from ring-worms on her breasts. At that time she again took another vow to her Deity that, if she got all right, she would offer Her two silver breasts. These two vows remained unfulfilled.

At her death-bed she called her son Shama and drew his attention to the vows, and after taking a promise from him that, he would fulfil them, she breathed her last. After some time, Shama quite forgot about these vows and thus 30 years elapsed. About this time a famous astrologer had come to Shirdi and stayed there for a month. His predictions in the case of Shriman Buti and others came true and everybody was satisfied. Shama’s younger brother Bapaji consulted him and was told that his mother’s vows, which his elder brother promised to fulfil at her death-bed, were not yet fulfilled; hence the Goddess was displeased with them and that was bringing troubles on them. Bapaji told this to his brother Shama, who was then reminded of the unfulfilled vows. On thinking that any further delay would be dangerous, he called a goldsmith and got a pair of silver breast prepared. Then, he went to the Masjid, prostrated himself before Baba and, placing before Him the two silver breasts, requested Him to accept them and free him from the vows as to him He was his Saptashringi Goddess. Then, Baba insisted upon him to go himself to the temple of Saptashringi and offer them at the Feet of the Goddess. Thus, after taking Baba’s permission and Udi, he left for Vani, and while searching for the priest reached Kakaji’s house. Kakaji was then very anxious to visit Baba and Shama went there to see him at that very time. What a wonderful coincidence was this!

Kakaji asked him who he was and whence he had come, and on learning that, he came from Shirdi, he at once embraced him. So overwhelmed was he with love! Then they talked about Sai-leelas and after finishing the rites of Shama’s vows, they both started for Shirdi. On reaching the place, Kakaji went to the Masjid, and fell at Baba’s Feet. His eyes were soon bedewed with tears, and his mind attained calmness. According to the vision of the Goddess, no sooner did he see Baba, then his mind lost all its restlessness and became calm and composed. Kakaji began to think, in his mind, “What a wonderful power is this! Baba spoke nothing, there was no question and answer, no benediction pronounced; the mere darshan itself was so conducive to happiness, the restlessness of my mind disappeared by His mere darshan, consciousness of joy came upon me – this is what is called ‘the greatness of darshan’.” His vision was fixed on Sai’s Feet and he could utter no word. Hearing Baba’s Leelas, his joy knew no bounds. He surrendered himself completely to Baba, forgot his anxiety and cares and got undiluted happiness. He lived happily there for twelve days and after taking Baba’s leave, Udi and blessings returned home.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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