Baba is everywhere – Blessed Gyan 169

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

(2) Balaram Mankar

“There was a house-holder devotee of Baba, by name Balaram Mankar. When his wife passed away he got dejected and entrusting his household to his son, left home and came to Shirdi and lived with Baba. Being pleased with his devotion, Baba wanted to give a good turn to his life and He did it in this way.

He gave him Rs. 12/- and asked him to go and live in Macchindragad (District Satara). Mankar was first unwilling to go and stay away from Baba, but Baba convinced him that he was giving the best course for him, and asked him to practise meditation thrice a day in the Gad. On believing in Baba’s words, Mankar came to the Gad. He was much pleased with the serenity, pure water, healthy air and the surroundings of the place, and began to practice assiduously the meditations, as recommended by Baba.

After some days he got a revelation. Generally, Bhaktas get revelation in their Samadhi or trance states, but in Mankar’s case, he got it when he came down to his ordinary consciousness from his trance. Baba appeared to him in person. Not only that Mankar saw Him, but he also asked Him why he was sent there. Baba replied, “In Shirdi many thoughts and ideas began to rise in your mind and I sent you here to bring your unsteady mind to rest. You thought that I was in Shirdi with a body, composed of the five elements and three and a half cubits in length. Now you see and determine for yourself whether the person you see here now is the same you saw at Shirdi. It is for this reason that I sent you here.”

Then after the period was over, Mankar left the Gad and proceeded to his native place Bandra. He wanted to travel by rail from Poona to Dadar, but when he went to the booking office to get a ticket, he found it very much crowded. He could not get his ticket soon, when, a villager with a Langoti (piece of cloth) on his waist and Kambali on his shoulder turned up and said, “Where are your going?” “To Dadar.” replied Mankar. Then, he said, “Please, take this Dadar ticket of mine, as I have some urgent work here, I have cancelled my Dadar trip.”

Mankar was very glad to receive the ticket and was taking out money from his pocket, when the rustic disappeared in the crowd. Mankar tried to find him out in the crowd, but in vain. He waited for him till the train left the station but found no trace of him. This was the second revelation Mankar got in a strange form. Then Mankar after visiting his home, again returned to Shirdi and remained there at Baba’s Feet following His bidding and advice. In the end, he was very fortunate to leave this world in the presence of Baba.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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