Fasting Disapproved – Blessed Gyan 174

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Let us now revert to the other story.

Fasting and Mrs. Gokhale

Baba never fasted Himself, nor did He allow others to do so. The mind of the person who fasts is never at ease, then how could he attain his Paramartha (goal of life)? God is not attained on an empty stomach; first the soul has to be appeased. If there be no food in the stomach and nutrition, with what eyes should we see God, with what tongue should we describe His greatness and with what ears should we hear the same? In short, when all our organs get their proper nutrition and are sound, we can practise devotion and other Sadhanas to attain God. Therefore, neither fasting nor over-eating is good. Moderation in diet is really wholesome, both to the body and mind.

One Mrs. Gokhale, came to Shirdi with an introductory letter, from Mrs. Kashibai Kanitkar (a devotee of Baba), to Dada Kelkar. She came to Baba, with a determination to sit at Baba’s Feet and observe a three days fast. The previous day Baba said to Dada Kelkar that, He would not allow his children to starve during the Shimga, i.e. Holi holidays, and that if they had to starve, why was He there? Next day when the woman went with Dada Kelkar and sat at Baba’s Feet, Baba at once said to her, “Where is the necessity of fasting? Go to Dadabhat’s house, prepare the dish of Puran Polis (wheat rotis with gram-flour and jaggery), feed his children and yourself too.” Shimga holidays were on. Mrs. Kelkar was then going through her menses, and there was nobody to cook in Dadabhat’s house. So Baba’s advice was very timely. Then Mrs. Gokhale had to go to Dadabhat’s house and prepare the dish, as directed. She cooked that day, fed others and herself. What a good story and how beautiful its import! ”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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