Never found wanting – Blessed Gyan 187

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Kaka Mahajani’s Master

“Kaka was the Manager in the firm of Thakkar Dharmasey Jethabhai, a solicitor of Mumbai. Both the Master and the Manager were on intimate terms. Mr. Thakkar knew that Kaka would often go to Shirdi, stay there for some days and return, when Baba permitted him. Out of curiosity Mr. Thakkar decided to go to Shirdi with Kaka, during Shimga holidays. As Kaka’s return was uncertain, he took another man with him, for his company. The three started together and Kaka bought two seers of raisins (dried grapes with seed), on the way for presentation to Baba. They reached Shirdi in due time, and went to the Masjid for darshan. Babasaheb Tarkhad was also there, and Mr. Thakkar asked him, why he came there. “For darshan, Tarkhad replied. Mr. Thakkar asked if miracles took place there. Tarkhad replied that it (to see miracles) was not the concern, the earnest intentions of the Bhaktas were satisfied here. Then, Kaka prostrated himself before Baba and offered the raisins to Him. Baba ordered them to be distributed. Mr. Thakkar got a few of them. He did not want to have the raisins and he was advised by his doctor not to eat them without washing and cleaning them. So he was in a fix. He did not want to eat them, nor could he reject them. To keep up formalities, he put them into his mouth, but did not know what to do with the seeds. He could not spit them out on the floor of the Masjid, so he pocketed them against his wish. He then said in his mind that if Baba was a Saint, how could He be ignorant of his dislike for the raisins and how could He force them on him. When this thought arose in his mind Baba again gave him some more raisins. He could not eat them, but held them in his hand. Then Baba asked him to eat them up. He obeyed and found, to his surprise that, they were all seedless. He wanted to see miracles and here was one. He knew that Baba read his thought and as per his wish converted raisins (with seeds) into seedless grapes. What a wonderful power! Again to test further, he asked Tarkhad, who was sitting by and who also got some raisins, “What kind of grapes you got? He replied, “The variety with seeds.” Mr. Thakkar was still more surprised to hear this. Then to confirm his faith Thakkar thought in his mind that if Baba was a real Saint, the raisins should be now given to Kaka first. Reading this thought also, Baba ordered that, distribution should be commenced from Kaka. These proofs were sufficient for Thakkar.

Then Shama introduced Mr. Thakkar, as the master of Kaka, upon which Baba said, “How could he be his master? He has got a different Master altogether.” Kaka appreciated this reply. After forgetting his resolve, Thakkar saluted Baba and returned to the Wada.

After the noon-Arati was over, they all went to the Masjid for taking Baba’s leave for their departure. Sharma spoke for them. Baba then spoke as follows.

“There was a fickle-minded gentleman. He had health and wealth and was free from both physical and mental afflictions, but he took on needless anxieties and burdens and wandered hither and thither, thus losing his peace of mind. Sometimes he dropped the burdens and at other times carried them again. His mind knew no steadiness. On seeing his state, I took pity on him and said, “Now, keep your faith on one place you like, why roam like this?

Thakkar at once understood that, that was an exact description of himself. He wished that Kaka should also return with him; but no one expected that Kaka would be allowed to leave Shirdi, so soon. Baba read also this thought also and permitted Kaka to return with his master.

Then Baba asked Kaka for Rs. 15/- as Dakshina and received it. He said, “If I take one rupee as Dakshina from anybody, I have to return tenfold to him. I never take anything gratis. I never ask any one, indiscriminately. I only ask and take from him, whom the Fakir (My Guru) points out. If any one is indebted formerly to the Fakir, Dakshina is received from him. The donor gives, i.e. sows his seeds, only to reap a rich harvest in future. Wealth should be the means to work out Dharma. If it is used for personal enjoyment, it is wasted. Unless you have given it before, you do not get it now. So, the best way to receive, is to give. The giving of Dakshina, advances Vairagya (Non-attachment) and thereby Bhakti and Dnyan. Give one and receive tenfold.”

On hearing these words, Mr. Thakkar himself gave Rs.15/- in Baba’s hand, forgetting his earlier resolve, not to do so. He thought, it was good that he came to Shirdi as all his doubts were solved and he learnt so much.

Baba’s skill in handling such cases was unique. Though He conducted all that, He was totally non-attached to them. Whether anybody saluted Him or not, or whether anybody gave Him Dakshina or not, all was same to Him. He felt no pleasure; if He was worshipped and felt no pain, if He was disregarded. He had transcended the pairs of opposites, viz. pleasure and pain, etc.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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