Wonderful Story of Guest 02 – Blessed Gyan 192

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Two Gentlemen (contd…)

“Then the second guest began his tale. “My Brahmin (cook) was serving me faithfully for 35 years. Unfortunately, he fell into bad ways, his mind changed and he robbed me of my treasure. By removing a laterite slab from my wall where my cup-board is fixed, he came in while we were all asleep and carried away all my accumulated wealth, Rs. 30,000/- in currency notes. I know not how Baba mentioned the exact amount. I sat crying day and night. My enquiries came to nothing. I spent a fortnight in great anxiety. As I sat on the verandah, sad and dejected, a passing Fakir saw my condition and enquired of its cause, and I told him all about it. He told me that an Avalia (Saint), by name Sai lives in Shirdi, Kopergaon Taluka. Make vow to Him and give up any food, that you like best and say to Him mentally that ‘I have given up eating that food, till I take Your darshan’. Then I took the vow and gave up eating rice and said, “Baba, I will eat it after recovering my property and after taking Your darshan.”

Fifteen days passed after this. The Brahmin of his own accord, came to me, returned my money and apologized, saying, “I went mad and acted thus; I now place my head on your feet, please forgive me.” Thus everything ended well. The Fakir that met me and helped me, was not seen again. An intensive desire to see Sai Baba, whom the Fakir pointed out to me, arose in my mind. I thought that the Fakir, Who came all the way to my house, was no other than Sai Baba. Would He, Who saw me and helped me to get my lost money ever covet to get Rs.35/-? On the contrary without expecting anything from us, He always leads us on the path of spiritual progress.

I was overjoyed when I recovered my stolen property and being ignorant, I forgot all about my vow. Then when I was at Colaba, one night I saw Sai Baba in my dream. This reminded me of my promised visit to Shirdi. I went to Goa and from there wanted to start for Shirdi, by taking a steamer to Mumbai en route. But when I came to the harbour, I found that the steamer was crowded and there was no place. The captain did not allow me, but on the intercession of a peon, who was stranger to me, I was allowed to get into the steamer which brought me to Mumbai. From there I came by train.

Surely, I think that Baba is all-pervading and all-knowing. What are we and where is our home? How fortunate we are that, Baba got our money back and drew us here to Himself? Shirdi folks must be infinitely superior and more fortunate than we; for, Baba has played, laughed, talked and lived with you for so many years. I think that, your store of good merits must be infinite. Sai is our Datta (Lord Dattatreya). He gave me a seat in the steamer and brought me here, and thus gave proof of His omniscience and omnipotence.” ”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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