On Shraddha and Saburi – Blessed Gyan 193

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Mrs. Aurangabadkar

“A lady from Sholapur, wife of Sakharam Aurangabadkar had no issue during the long period of 27 years. She had made a number of vows of Gods and Goddesses for an issue, but was not successful. She then became almost hopeless. To make a last attempt in this matter, she came to Shirdi with her step-son Vishwanath and stayed there for two months, serving Baba. Whenever she went to the Masjid, she found Baba surrounded by devotees. She wanted to see Baba alone, fall at His feet and open her heart and pray for an issue; but she got no suitable opportunity. Ultimately, she requested Shama to intercede with Baba for her when He was alone. Shama said to her that Baba’s Darbar was open, still he would try for her and that the Lord might bless her. He asked her to sit ready with a coconut and joss-sticks on the open courtyard at the time of Baba’s meals and that when he beckoned to her, she should come up.

One day after dinner, Shama was rubbing Baba’s wet hands with a towel when the latter pinched Shama’s cheek. Shama feigning anger said, “Deva, is it proper for you to pinch me like this? We don’t want such a mischievous God who pinches us thus. Are we Your dependents, is this the fruit of our intimacy?” Baba replied, “Oh Shama, during the 72 generations that you were with me, I never pinched you till now and now you resent my touching you.” Shama, “I want a God Who will always love us and gives us new dishes to eat. We do not want any reward from You, or heaven etc. Let our faith unto Your Feet be ever awake.” Baba, “Yes, I have indeed come for that. I have been feeding and nursing you and have got love and affection for you.”

Then Baba went up and took his seat. Shama beckoned to the lady. She came up, bowed and presented the coconut and joss-sticks. Baba shook the coconut which was dry. The Kernal within rolled and made a noise. Baba said, “Shama, this is rolling, see, what it says.” Shama, “The woman prays that, a child might be similarly roll in her womb. So, give her the coconut with Your blessings.”

Baba, “Will the coconut give her any issue? How foolish people are to fancy such things!”

Shama, “I know the power of Your words and blessing, Your word will give her series of children. You are wrangling and not giving real blessing.”

The parley went on for a while. Baba repeatedly ordering to break the coconut and Shama pleaded for the gift of the entire fruit to the lady. Finally, Baba yielded and said, “She will have an issue.” “When?” asked Shama. “In 12 months” was the reply.  At this the coconut was broken into two parts, one was eaten by the two, the other was given to the lady.

Then Shama turned up to the lady and said, “Dear lady, you are a witness to my words. If within 12 months you do not get any issue, I will break a coconut against this Deva’s head and drive him out of this Masjid. If I fail in this, I will not call myself Madhav. You will soon realize what I say.”

She delivered a son in a year’s time and the son was brought to Baba in his fifth month. The couple, both husband and wife, prostrated themselves before Baba and the grateful father (Mr. Aurangabadkar) paid a sum of Rs.500/- which was spent in constructing a shed for Baba’s horse “Shyam-karna”. ”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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