The Charm of Chavadi Procession – Blessed Gyan 195

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Hemadpant, after making some lengthy dissertations on some topics of Vedanta, which he himself considers, as a digression, goes on to describe the Chavadi procession.

Chavadi Procession

Baba’s dormitory has been already described. One day He slept in the Masjid and on the next, in the Chavadi near the Masjid. He slept in the Masjid and in the Chavadi on alternate days. This alternate sleeping at both these places went on till Baba’s Mahasamadhi. From 10th December 1909, devotees began to offer regular worship to Baba in the Chavadi. This we will now describe, with His grace. When the day of retiring to the Chavadi came, people flocked to the Masjid and did Bhajan in the Mandap (courtyard) for a few hours. Behind them was a beautiful Palanquin, to the right a Tulsi-vrindavan, and in front Baba adorned His seat, and there were the devotees singing Bhajan. Men and women, who had a liking for the bhajan came in time. Some took Tal, Chiplis and Kartal, Mridang, Khanjiri and Ghol (all musical instruments) in their hands and conducted the bhajan. Sai Baba was the Magnet, Who drew all the devotees to Him. Outside in the open, some trimmed their Divatyas (torches), some decorated the Palanquin, some stood with cane-sticks in their hands and hailed victory to Baba. The corners were decorated with buntings. In the Masjid, rows of burning oil lamps shed their light. Baba’s horse ‘Shyam-karna’ stood fully decorated outside. Then Tatya Patil came with a group of men to Baba and asked Him to be ready. Baba sat quiet in His place till Tatya came and helped Him to get up by putting his arm under Baba’s arm. Tatya called Baba, by the name of Mama (maternal uncle). Really their relationship was extremely intimate. Baba wore on His body the usual Kafni, took His Satka (short stick) under His arm-pit and after taking His Chillim (tobacco-pipe) and tobacco, and placing a cloth over His shoulder became ready to start.

Then Tatya placed a golden-embroidered beautiful Shela (shawl) over His body. After this, Baba himself put a few fuel-sticks into the Dhuni  to keep it alive and with His right hand extinguished the lamp burning near the Dhuni, and then started for the Chavadi. Then all sorts of musical instruments, band and horns etc., gave out different sounds, and fire-works exhibited various coloured views. Men and women singing Baba’s name started walking, doing bhajan to the accompaniment of mridang and veena. Some danced with joy and some carried various flags. The Bhaldars announced Baba’s name, when He came on the steps of the Masjid. On two sides of Baba stood persons, who held Chamars and others, who fanned Baba. On the way were spread folds of cloth, which Baba walked on, being supported by devotees’ hands. Tatya Patil held the left hand and Mhalasapati the right and Bapusaheb Jog held the Chhatra (umbrella) over His head. In this fashion, Baba marched on to the Chavadi. The fully decorated horse, named Shyam-karna led the way and behind him, were all the carriers, waiters, musical players and the crowd of devotees. Hari-naam (the name of the Lord) was being chanted to the accompaniment of music, as also the name of Sai. In this manner, the procession reached the corner, and everyone who joined this party, seemed pleased and delighted.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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