The Beautiful Procession – Blessed Gyan 196

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Chavadi Procession (contd…)

“On reaching this corner, Baba stood facing the Chavadi and shone with a peculiar aura. It seemed, as if the face of Baba took over the glory of the rising sun. Baba stood there with a concentrated mind, facing the north, as if He was signalling something. All the instruments played music, while Baba moved His right hand up and down for some time. Kakasaheb Dixit at this time came forward with a silver plate, containing flowers besmeared with Gulal (red powder) and threw them on Baba’s body, off and on. The musical instruments played their best at this juncture and Baba’s face beamed with radiance and beauty, and all the persons viewed this lustre to their hearts’ content.

Words fail to describe the splendour this scene. Some times Mhalasapati began to dance, as if possessed by some Deity; but all were surprised to see that Baba’s concentration was least disturbed. With a lantern in his hand, Tatya Patil walked on Baba’s left side and Bhagat Mhalasapati on the right, holding in his hand the hem of Baba’s garment. What a beautiful procession and what an expression of devotion! To witness this, men and women, poor and rich, flocked there. Baba walked at very slow pace. Bhaktas followed on both sides with love and devotion. With joy permeating the whole atmosphere of the place, the procession reached the Chavadi. Those days are gone now. Nobody can see them in the future, but by remembering and visualising that sight, we can bring solace and ecstasy to our minds.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||

|| Happy and Blessed Baba’s Day To You All 🙂 _/\_ ||




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