On reaching Chavadi – Blessed Gyan 197

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“The Chavadi was also fully decorated with a good white ceiling, mirrors and many sorts of lamps. On reaching there, Tatya went ahead and spread an Asan (seat-cushion) and placing a bolster, made Baba sit there and made Him wear Angarkha (coat). Then the devotees worshipped Him in various ways. They put a crown on His head with a tuft above, placed garlands of flowers and jewels round His neck and marking His forehead with musk-mixed vertical lines (as Vaishnava devotees do), they gazed at Him for long to their hearts’ content. They changed His head-dress now, and then held it aloft on the head, fearing that Baba might throw it away. Baba knew what the Bhaktas wished for and meekly submitted to all their ways without objection. With these adornments, He looked wonderful and beautiful.

Nanasaheb Nimonkar held the Chhatra (State umbrella) with its beautiful pendants which moved in a circle, with its supporting stick. Bapusaheb Jog washed His Feet in a silver dish, offered ‘Arghya’ and worship with due rituals, then besmeared His arms with sandal paste, and offered Him Tambul (betel-leaves). Baba sat on the Asan (Gadi), while Tatya and others kept standing. When Baba sat on the Gadi supporting Himself against the bolster, devotees on both sides waved Chamars and fans. Shama then prepared the Chillim and handed it over to Tatya Patil, who drew a flame out of it by inhaling a deep breath through his mouth and then gave it to Baba. After Baba had His smoke, it was given to Bhagat Mhalasapati and then it was passed round to all. Blessed was the inanimate Chillim. It had first to undergo many ordeals of penance, such as being kneaded by pot-makers, dried in the open sun and burnt in fire, and then it had the good fortune to get the contact of Baba’s hand and His kiss. After this function was over, devotees put garlands of flowers around His neck and gave Him scents and bunches of flowers. Baba, Who was an Incarnation of dispassion, cared a fig for all these necklaces of jewels, and garlands of flowers and other decorations, but out of real love to His devotees, He allowed them to have their own way and to please themselves. Finally, Bapusaheb Jog waved the Arati over Baba, observing all formalities and the musical instruments played their auspicious tunes. When this Arati was over, the devotees returned home, one by one saluting Baba and taking His leave. When Tatya Patil, after offering Chillim, Attar (scent) and rose-water, stood to depart, Baba said to him lovingly, “Guard Me properly, Go if you like, but return sometimes at night and enquire for Me.” On replying in the affirmative Tatya Patil left the Chavadi and went home. Then, Baba Himself prepared His bed. He arranged some sheets one upon another, and thus making His bed, went to rest.

We shall also now take rest and close this chapter with a request to the readers that, they should remember Baba and His Chavadi procession daily before they retire and go to bed.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||





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