The Udyapan Ceremony – Blessed Gyan 208

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Now to revert to the stories of this chapter.

Mr. Dev’s Udyapan Ceremony

Mr. B.V. Dev was a Mamlatdar at Dahanu (Thana district). His mother had observed 25 or 30 religious vows and a Udyapan (concluding) ceremony in connection therewith, was to be performed. This ceremony included the feeding of 100 or 200 Brahmins. Mr. Dev fixed a date for the ceremony and wrote a letter to Bapusaheb Jog asking him to request Sai Baba on his behalf to attend the dinner of the ceremony, as without His presence the ceremony would not be duly completed. Bapusaheb Jog read out the letter to Baba. Baba noted carefully the pure-hearted invitation and said, “I always think of him, who remembers Me. I require no conveyance, carriage, tonga, train or aeroplane. I manifest Myself to him, who lovingly calls me. Write to him a reply that, three of us (the trio), Myself, yourself and a third person, will go and attend it.” Mr.Jog informed Mr. Dev, of what Baba said. Mr. Dev was much pleased, but he knew that, Baba never went to any place, except Rahata, Rui and Nimgaon in person. He also thought that, nothing was impossible to Baba as He was all-pervading and that He might suddenly come in any form and fulfil His words.

A few days before this, a Sanyaasi in Bengali dress and professing to work for the cause of the protection of the cows, came to the station-master at Dahanu to collect donations. The station-master told him to go into the town, and see the Mamlatdar (Mr. Dev) and with his help collect funds. Just then, the Mamlatdar happened to come there. The station-master then introduced the Sanyaasi to him. Both sat talking on the platform. Mr.Dev told him that a subscription-list for some other charitable cause had already been prepared by the leading citizen, Rao Saheb Narottam Shetti, and so, it was not proper to start another subscription-list and that, it would be better, if he would visit the place after 2 or 4 months. Hearing this, the Sanyaasi left the place.

About a month afterwards, the Sanyaasi came in a tonga, which stopped in front of Mr.Dev’s house at about 10 a.m. Dev thought that, he came for dontions. On seeing him busy with the preparations of the ceremony, the Sanyaasi said that he had come not for money but for meals. Dev said, “Alright, you are welcome in the house.” The Sanyaasi said, “Two lads are with me.” Dev, “Well, come with them.” As there was about 2 hours for the meals to be served, Dev enquired, where he should sent for them. He said that, it was not necessary, as he would come himself at the appointed time. Dev asked him to come at noon. Exactly at twelve noon, the trio came, and joined the party, and after feeding themselves went away.

After the ceremony was finished, Dev wrote a letter to Bapusaheb Jog complaining of Baba’s breach of promise. Jog went to Baba with the letter, but before it was opened Baba spoke, “Ah, he says that I promised him to come, but deceived him. Tell him that, I did attend his dinner with two others, but he failed to recognise Me. Then, why did he call me at all? He thought that, the Sanyaasi came to ask for subscription money, did I not remove his doubt in that respect, and did I not say that I would come with two others, and did not the Trio come in time and have their meals? See, to keep My words, I would sacrifice my life, I would never be untrue to My words.” This reply pleased Jog’s heart, and he communicated the whole the reply to Dev. As soon as he read it, he burst into tears of joy; but he took himself to task mentally, for vainly blaming Baba. He wondered how he was deceived by the Sanyaasi’s prior visit and his coming to him for subscriptions, how he also failed to catch the significance of the Sanyaasi’s words that, he would come with two others for meals.

This story clearly shows that, when the devotees surrender themselves completely to their Sadguru, He sees to it that, the religious functions in their houses are duly executed and complied with all the necessary formalities.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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