Baba fulfills His words – Blessed Gyan 209

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Hemadpant’s Shimga Dinner

“Now, let us take another story, which shows how Baba appeared in the form of His picture and fulfilled the desire of His devotee.

In 1917, on the morning of the full-moon, Hemadpant had a vision. Baba appeared to him in his dream in the form of a well-dressed Sanyaasi, woke him up, and said that He would come to him for a meal that day. This vision constituted a part of the dream. When he was fully awake, he saw neither Sai nor any Sanyaasi. But, when he began to recollect the dream, he remembered each and every word the Sanyaasi uttered in his dream. Though, he was in contact with Baba for seven years and always meditated on Baba, he never expected that Baba would come to his house for meals. However, being much pleased with Baba’s words, he went to his wife and informed her that being the Holi day, a Sanyaasi was coming for meals and that, some more rice should be prepared. She enquired about the guest, who he was and where he was coming from. Then, not to cause any misunderstanding, he gave her the truth, and told her about the dream. She, doubtingly asked whether it was possible that, Baba should come there (Bandra) from Shirdi, leaving the dainty dishes there to accept their coarse food. Hemadpant then assured her that Baba might not come in person, but He might attend in the form of a guest, and that they would lose nothing, if they cooked some more rice.

After this, preparations for the lunch went on, and it was quite ready at noon. The Holika-worship was through and the leaves, were spread and arranged with ‘Rangoli’ around them. Two rows were arranged with a central seat between them for the honourable guest. All the members of the family – sons, grandsons, daughters and sons-in-law etc., came and occupied their seats, and the serving of the various items commenced. While this was being done, everybody was watching for the guest, but none turned up, though it was past noon. Then, the entrance was closed, the Anna-shuddhi (ghee) was served. This was a signal to start eating. Formal offering to the Vaishwadeva (Fire), and Naivaidya to Shri Krishna were also over and the members were about to begin, when foot-steps in the staircase were distinctly heard. Hemadpant went immediately and opened the door and saw two men there: (1) Ali Mohammed and (2) Moulana Ismu Mujavar. These two persons, seeing that meals were laid out and all the members were about to begin eating, apologised to Hemadpant and requested him to excuse their interference. They said, “You left your seat and came running to us, others are waiting for you, so, please take this thing and I shall relate all about it later, at your convenience.” Saying so, he took out from under his arm a packet wrapped in an old newspaper, and placed it on the table. Hemadpant uncovered the packet and saw, to his great wonder and pleasant surprise, a big and nice picture of Sai Baba.

On seeing it, he was much moved, tears ran down from his eyes and hair stood on end all over his body, and he bent and placed his head on the Feet of Baba in the picture. He thought that, Baba had blessed him by this miracle or Leela. Out of curiosity, he asked Ali Mohammed, how he got this picture. He said that, he bought it from a shop and that, he would give all the details about it afterwards; and wished that as all the members were waiting for him, he should go and join them. Hemadpant thanked him, bade them good-bye, and returned to the dinning-hall. The picture was placed on the central seat, reserved for the guest and after making the due offering of the Naivaidya, the whole party commenced eating and finished it in proper time. On seeing the beautiful form of Sai in the picture, everybody was extremely pleased and wondered, how all this happened.

The is how Sai Baba fulfilled His words, uttered by Him in the dream of Hemadpant. The story of the picture with all its details, viz., how Ali Mohammed got it, why he bought it and gave it to Hemadpant, is reserved for the next chapter.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||





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