Baba’s all-pervasiveness – Blessed Gyan 210

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Chapter XLI – Story of the Picture

“As stated in the last chapter, we continue here the story of the picture.

Nine years after the incident described in the last chapter, Ali Mohammed met Hemadpant again, and related to him the following story.

One day, while wandering in the streets of Mumbai he bought the picture from a street-hawker, then, he got it framed and set it on a wall in his house, at Bandra (suburb of Mumbai). As he loved Baba, daily he took darshan of it. Three months before he gave the picture to Hemadpant, he was suffering from an abscess or swelling on his leg, for which an operation was performed and he was convalescing in the house of his brother-in-law, Mr. Noor Mohammed Peerbhoy in Mumbai. For three months, his house in Bandra was closed and nobody was living there. Only the pictures of the Baba Abdul Rehman, Moulanasaheb Mohammed Hussain, Sai Baba, Baba Tajuddin and a few other saints (living) were there. The wheel of time did not even spare these. He was lying sick and suffering in Mumbai. Why should the pictures suffer there (in Bandra)? All the pictures met their end; but how Sai Baba’s picture escaped it, nobody had been able to explain to me up till now. It shows the all-pervasiveness, omnipresence of Sai and His inscrutable power. The story goes like this:

He had a small picture of Saint Baba Abdul Rehman from Mohammed Hussain Thariyatopan many years ago. He gave it to his brother-in-law, Noor Mohammed Peerbhoy, and it was lying on his table for eight years. Once, Peerbhoy took it to a photographer and got it enlarged to life-size and distributed copies of the same amongst his relations and friends, including Ali Mohammed, who fixed it up in his Bandra house. Noor Mohammed was a disciple of Saint Abdul Rehman and when he went to present the picture to his Guru in an open darbar held by him, the Guru got wild and ran to beat him, and drove him out. He felt very sorry and dejected. He thought that he lost so much of money, and incurred his Guru’s displeasure and wrath. As his Guru, Baba Abdul Rehman did not like image-worship. He took the enlarged picture of Baba Rehman with him to the Apolo Bunder, and after hiring a boat, took it and through it in the sea. He requested the friends and relations to return their copies and after getting them (6 in all) back, had them immersed in the Bandra sea. At this time, Ali Mohammed was in his brother-in-law’s house. He was told by him that his suffering would come to an end if he would soon immerse the pictures of the other Saints also in the sea. On hearing this, Ali Mohammed sent Mehta (his Manager) to his Bandra house and got all the pictures of the Saints in his house to be thrown into the sea.

When Ali Mohammed returned home after two months, he was surprised to find Sai Baba’s picture on the wall as before. He did not understand how his Mehta took away all the pictures except this. He immediately took it out and kept it in his cupboard, fearing that if his brother-in-law saw it, he would do away with it. While he was thinking how it should be disposed of, and who would keep it with care, Sai Baba Himself as it were, suggested to him that he should see and consult Moulana Ismu Mujavar and abide by his opinion. He met the Moulana and told him everything. After much consultation, they both decided that the picture should be presented to Annasaheb (Hemadpant), and that, he would protect it well. Then, they both went to Hemadpant and presented the picture in the nick of time.

This story shows, how Baba knew all past, present and future, and how skilfully He pulled the wires and fulfilled desires of His devotees. The following story shows that, Baba liked very much those who took real interest in spiritual matters and that, He removed all their difficulties and made them happy.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||

|| Happy and Blessed Baba’s Day To All ☺ _/\_ ||



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