Baba gave a hint – Blessed Gyan 213

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Baba gave also another indication as follows:

Averting Death of Ramchandra and Tatya Patil

Some time after this, Ramchandra Patil became seriously ill. He suffered a lot. He tried all remedies, but finding no relief, despaired of his life and was waiting for the last moment. Then, one midnight Baba suddenly stood near his bed. Patil held His Feet and said, “I have lost all hopes of life, please tell me definitely, when I shall die.” Merciful Baba said, “Don’t be anxious, your Hundi (death-warrant) has been withdrawn and you will soon recover, but I am afraid of Tatya Patil. He will pass away on Vijayadashami of Shaka 1840 (1918 A.D.). Do not divulge this to anybody, nor to him, for he will be terribly frightened.” Ramchandra Dada got well but he felt nervous about Tatya’s life, for he knew that Baba’s word was unalterable, and that Tatya would breathe his last within two years. He kept this secret, told it to none, but to Bala Shimpi (a tailor) only. Only these two persons – Ramchandra Dada and Bala Shimpi were in fear and suspense regarding Tatya’s life.

Ramchandra Dada soon left his bed and was on his legs. Time passed quickly. The month of Bhadrapad of Shaka 1840 (1918 A.D.) was ending and Ashwin was approaching. True to Baba’s word, Tatya fell sick and was bed-ridden; and so he could not come for Baba’s darshan. Baba was also down with fever. Tatya had full faith in Baba. Tatya’s illness began to grow from bad to worse and he could not move at all, but always remembered Baba. The predicament of Baba began to grow equally worse. The day predicted, i.e., Vijayadashami was impending and both Ramchandra Dada and Bala Shimpi were terribly frightened about Tatya; and their bodies trembling and perspiring with fear, thought that, as predicted by Baba, Tatya’s end was near. Vijayadashami dawned and Tatya’s pulse began to beat very slow and he was expected to pass away shortly. But, a curious thing happened. Tatya remained, his death was averted and Baba passed away instead. It seemed, as if there was an exchange. People said that Baba gave up His life for Tatya. Why He did so? He alone knows, as His ways are inscrutable. It seems, however, that, in this incident Baba gave a hint of His passing away, substituting Tatya’s name for His own.

Next morning (16th October) Baba appeared to Das Ganu at Pandharpur in his dream and said to him, The Masjid collapsed, all the oilmen and grocers of Shirdi harassed me a lot, so, I leave the place. I, therefore, came to inform you here. Go there quickly and cover Me with ‘Bakkal’ flowers.” Das Ganu got the information also from Shirdi letters. So, he came to Shirdi with his disciples and started Bhajan and Kirtan and sang the Lord’s name, throughout the day before Baba’s Samadhi. Himself weaving a beautiful garland of flowers studded with Lord Hari’s name, he placed it on Baba’s Samadhi and gave a mass-feeding in Baba’s name.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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