Our Guru, is sole reality – Blessed Gyan 221

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Chapter XLV – Preliminary

“We have described in the last three chapters Baba’s passing away. His physical or finite form has no doubt, disappeared from our view; but the infinite or spiritual form (Spirit of Baba) ever lives. The Leelas, which occurred during His lifetime, have been dwelt upon at great length, up till now. Ever since His passing away, more Leelas have taken place and are even now happening. This clearly shows that, Baba, is ever-living and helping His devotees as before. The people, who got the contact of Baba, when He was living, were indeed very fortunate, but if any of them did not get a dispassion for the things and enjoyments of the world, and had not their minds turned to the Lord, it was sheer ill-luck. What was then desired, and is still desired, in the whole-hearted devotion to Baba. All our senses, organs, and mind should co-operate in worshipping and serving Baba. It is no use, in engaging some organs in the worship and deflecting others. If a thing like worship or meditation is to be done, it ought to be done with all our mind and soul.

The love that a chaste woman bears to her husband, is some times compared to that which a disciple bears to his master (Guru). Yet, the former falls far short of the latter, which is incomparable. No one, whether he be father, mother, brother or any other relation, comes to our aid in attaining the goal of life (self-realization). We have to chalk out and traverse the path of self-realization ourselves. We have to discriminate between the Unreal and the Real, renounce the things and enjoyments of this world and the next, and control our senses and mind, and aspire for liberation only. Instead of depending upon others, we should have full faith in ourselves. When we begin to practice discrimination, we come to know that the world is transient and unreal and our passion for worldly things becomes less, and ultimately we get dispassion or non-attachment for them. When we know that Brahma, which is no other than our Guru, is the sole reality; and as It transcends and besets the seeming universe, we begin to worship It in all creatures. This is the unitive Bhajan or worship. When we thus worship Brahma or Guru whole-heartedly, we become one with Him and attain self-realization.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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