On Baba’s Bed-Stead – Blessed Gyan 223

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Wooden plank Baba’s Bed-Stead, and not Bhagat’s

“In His earlier days, Baba slept on a wooden plank, 4 arms in length and only a span in breadth with Panatis (earthen lamps) burning at its four corners. Later on, He broke the plank into pieces and threw it away (Vide Chapter X). Once, Baba was describing the greatness or importance of this plank to Kakasaheb. On hearing this, the latter said to Baba, If You still love the wooden plank, I will again suspend or hang up one in the Masjid for You to sleep at ease.” Baba replied, I won’t like to sleep up leaving Mhalasapati down on the ground.” Then Kakasaheb said, “I will provide another plank for Mhalasapati too.”

Baba said, “How can he sleep on the plank? It is not easy to sleep on the plank. He who has many good qualities in him, only can do so. He who can sleep with his eyes wide open can effect that. When I go to sleep I ask often Mhalasapati to sit by My side, place his hand on My heart and watch the ‘chanting of the Lord’s name’ there, and if he finds Me sleepy, wake Me up. He can’t do even this. He himself gets drowsy and begins to nod his head. When, I feel his hand heavy as a stone on My heart and cry out, ‘Oh Bhagat’, he moves and opens his eyes. How can he, who can’t sit and sleep well on the ground and whose Asana (posture) is not steady and who is slave to sleep, can sleep high up on a plank?” On many other occasions Baba said, out of love for His devotees, “What (whether good or bad) is ours, is with us, and what is other’s is with them.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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