Baba loved all creatures – Blessed Gyan 226

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Baba also loved all creatures equally, for He felt that, He was one with them. The following story will illustrate this.

Two Goats

Baba was, once, returning from Lendi, when He saw a flock of goats. Two of them attracted His attention. He went to them, caressed and fondled them and bought them for Rs.32/-. The devotees were surprised at this conduct of Baba. They thought that, Baba was duped in this bargain, as the goats would fetch Rs. two each or at the most Rs. 3/- or 4/- each, i.e., Rs. 8/- for both. They began to take Baba to task for this, but Baba kept calm and cool. Shama and Tatya Kote asked Baba for an explanation. He said, He did not care to store money, as He had no home or family to look after. He asked them to purchase, at His cost, 4 seers of ‘Dal’ (lentil) and feed the goats. After this was done, Baba returned the goats to the owner of the flock and gave out of the following reminiscences and story of the goats.

“Oh, Shama and Tatya, you think that, I have been deceived in this bargain. No. Listen to their story! In their former birth, they were human-beings, and had the good fortune to be with Me and sit by My side. They were uterine brothers, loving each other initially but later on, they became enemies. The elder brother was an idle fellow, while the younger one was an active chap and earned a lot of money. The former became greedy and jealous and wanted to kill his younger brother and take away his money. They forgot their fraternal relations, and began to quarrel with each other. The elder brother resorted to many devices to kill his younger brother, but all of his attempts failed. Thus, they became deadly enemies and finally, on one occasion the elder gave a deadly blow with a big stick on the latter’s head, while the latter struck the former with an axe, with the result that, both fell dead on the spot. As the result of their actions, they were both born as goats. As they passed by Me, I, at once, recognised them. I remembered their past history. By taking pity on them, I wanted to feed them and give them rest and comfort, and for this reason I spent all the money, for which you blame Me. As you did not like My bargain, I sent them back to their shepherd.” Such was Sai’s love for the goats!”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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