On purity in mind – Blessed Gyan 230

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Warding off Devotee’s Calamities

“Now let us revert to the main story of this chapter. Let a man go to a true saint with a pure mind, otherwise (fraudulently) and hold his feet; ultimately he is sure to be saved. This is illustrated by the following stories.

Mr. Shevade

Mr. Sapatnekar of Akkalkot (Solapur District) was studying law. A co-student Mr.Shevade met him. Other fellow students also got together and compared notes of their study. It was found by the questions and answers amongst themselves that, Mr.Shevade was the least prepared of all for the examination, and therefore, all the students derided him. But, he said that though he was not prepared, he was sure to pass the examination, as his Sai Baba was there to get him through it successfully.

Mr.Sapatnekar was surprised at this remark. He took Mr.Shevade aside and asked him Who this Sai Baba is Whom he extolled so high. He replied, “There lives in a Masjid in Shirdi (Ahmednagar District) a Fakir. He is a great Satpurush. There may be other saints, but this one is unique. Unless there is a great store of merits in one’s account, one can’t see Him. I fully believe in Him, and what He says will be never untrue. He has assured me that, I will pass definitely next year and I am confident that I will get through the final examination by His grace.” Mr. Sapatneker laughed at his friend’s confidence and jeered at him and Baba.


Mr. Sapatnekar passed his examination, settled at Akkalkot and practised as a pleader there. Ten years after this, i.e., in 1913 he lost his only son on account of a throat disease. This broke his heart. He sought relief by making a pilgrimage to Pandharpur, Gangapur and other holy places. He got no peace of mind. Then, he read Vedanta, which also did not help him. In the meanwhile, he remembered Mr.Shevade’s remarks and his faith in Baba, and he thought that, he too should go to Shirdi and see Baba. He went to Shirdi with his younger brother Panditrao and was much pleased to see Baba from a distance. When he went near and prostrated himself and placed a coconut before Baba with feeling of devotion, the latter at once, cried out “Get away!” Sapatnekar hung down his head, moved back and sat aside. He wanted to consult somebody, who would advise him how to proceed.

Somebody mentioned Bala Shimpi’s name. Sapatnekar saw him and sought his help. They bought Baba’s photos and came with them to the Masjid. Baba Shimpi took a photo in his hand, gave it to Baba and asked him, whose photo it was. Baba said that this photo was of the ‘Yaar’ (lover) of him, pointing to Sapatnekar. Saying this Baba laughed and all others joined. Bala asked Baba the significance of the laugh and beckoned Sapatnekar to come forward and take darshan. When Saptnakar began to prostrate himself, Baba again cried “Get out!” Sapatnekar did not know what to do. Then, they both joined their hands and sat before Baba, praying. Baba finally ordered Sapatnekar to clear out immediately. Both were sad and dejected. As Baba’s order had to be obeyed, Sapatnekar left Shirdi with a heavy heart praying that, he should be allowed to take darshan next time.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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