Baba’s words are TRUE – Blessed Gyan 231

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Warding off Devotee’s Calamities 

Mrs. Saptnekar

“One year elapsed. Still his mind was not at peace. He went to Gangapur, where he felt more restless. Then, he went to Madhegaon for rest, and finally, decided to go to Kashi. Two days before starting, his wife got a vision. In her dream, she was going with a pitcher to Lakkad Shah’s well. There, a Fakir, with a piece of cloth tied around his head, sitting at the foot of the Neem tree, came close to her and said, “My dear lassie, why get exhausted for nothing? I will get your pitcher filled with pure water.” She was afraid of the Fakir and hastened back with the empty pitcher. The Fakir followed her. At this, she was woke up and opened her eyes. She told this vision to her husband. They thought that, this was an auspicious sign, and they both left for Shirdi. When they reached the Masjid, Baba was absent. He had gone to Lendi. They waited till His return. When He returned, she was surprised to see that the Fakir she saw in her vision, exactly resembled Baba. She reverentially prostrated herself before Baba and sat down looking at him. On seeing her humility, Baba was much pleased and began to tell a story in his peculiar characteristic manner to a third party. He said, “My arms, abdomen and waist have been paining for a long time. I took many medicines, the pain did not abate. I got sick of the medicines, as they gave Me no relief, but I am surprised to see now that all the pains have disappeared at once.” Though no name was mentioned, it was the story of Mrs. Sapatnekar herself. Her pains, as described by Baba, left her soon and she was happy.

Then, Mr. Sapatnekar went ahead to take darshan. He was again welcomed with the formerGet out.” This time, he was more penitent and persevering. He said that Baba’s displeasure was due to his past deeds and resolved to make amends for the same. He determined to see Baba alone and ask his pardon for his past actions. He placed his head on Baba’s Feet and Baba placed His hand on him, and Sapatnekar sat stroking Baba’s Leg.

Then, a shepherdess came and sat massaging Baba’s back. Baba, in His characteristic way, began to tell the story of a bania. He related the various vicissitudes of all his life, including the death of his only son. Sapatnekar was surprised to see that, the story, which Baba related, was his own and he wondered, how Baba knew every detail of it. He came to understand that He was Omniscient, and knew the hearts of all. When this thought crossed his mind, Baba still addressing the shepherdess and pointing to Sapatnekar said, “This fellow blames Me and charges Me with killing of his son. Do I kill people’s children? Why does this fellow come to the Masjid and cry? Now, I will do this, I will again bring that very child back in his wife’s womb.” With these words, He placed His blessing hand on his head and comforted him saying, “These Feet are old and holy, you are care-free now; place entire faith in Me and you will soon get your object.” Sapatnekar was much moved with emotion, he bathed Baba’s Feet with his tears, and then, returned to his residence.

Then, he made preparations of worship and Naivaidya and came with his wife to the Masjid. He offered all this to Baba and accepted Prasad from Him. There was a crowd in the Masjid and Sapatnekar went there and saluted Baba again and again. On seeing heads clashing against heads, Baba said to Sapatnekar, “Oh, why do you prostrate yourself now and then? One Namaskar offered with love and humility is enough.” Then, Sapatnekar witnessed that night the Chavadi procession, described earlier. In that procession Baba looked like veritable Pandurang (Vitthal).

At parting next day, Sapatnekar thought that he should first pay one rupee as Dakshina and if Baba asked again, instead of saying no, he should pay one more, reserving with him sufficient amount as expenses for the journey. When he went to the Masjid and offered one rupee, Baba asked for another as per his intention and when it was paid, Baba blessed him saying, “Take the coconut, put it in your wife’s Oti (upper fold of her sari), and go away without the least anxiety.” He did so, and within a year a son was born to him and with an infant of 8 months the couple came to Shirdi, placed him at Baba’s feet and prayed thus, “Oh, Sainath, we do not know, how to repay Your obligations, therefore, we prostrate ourselves before You, bless us poor helpless fellows, henceforth, let Your Holy Feet be our sole refuge. Many thoughts and ideas trouble us in waking and dream states, so, turn away our minds from them to Your bhajan and bless us.”

The son was named Murlidhar. Two others (Bhaskar and Dinkar) were born afterwards. The Sapatnekar couple thus realized that, Baba’s words were never untrue and unfulfilled.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||

|| Happy and Blessed Baba’s Day To All 🙂 _/\_ ||




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