Baba answers doubting mind – Blessed Gyan 233

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

“Now we revert to the stories of this chapter.

Hari Kanoba

A gentleman of Mumbai named Hari Kanoba heard from his friends and relations many Leelas of Baba. He did not believe in them as he had a doubting mind. He wanted to see Baba himself. So, he came to Shirdi with some Mumbai friends. He wore a lace-bordered turban on his head and a new pair of sandals on his feet. On seeing Baba, from a distance he thought of going to Him and prostrating himself before Him. He did not know what to do with his new sandals. After going to one corner in the open courtyard, he placed them there and went in the Masjid and had Baba’s darshan. He made a reverential bow to Baba, took Udi and Prasad from Baba and returned. When he reached the corner he found to his utter dismay, that his sandals had disappeared. He searched for them in vain; and returned to his lodging very much dejected.

He bathed, offered worship and Naivaidya and sat for his meal, but all the while he was thinking about nothing but his sandals. After finishing his meals, he came out to wash his hands when he saw a Maratha boy coming towards him. He held in his hand a stick, at the end of which were hanging a pair of new sandals. He said to the men, who had come out to wash their hands that Baba sent him with this stick in hand and asked him to go on the streets crying, “Hari Ka Beta. Jari Ka Pheta” and that, “If anybody claims these sandals, first assure yourself that, his name is Hari and that he is the son of ‘Ka’, i.e., Kanoba; and that he wears a lace-bordered turban; and then give them over to him.”

On hearing this, Hari Kanoba was pleasantly surprised. He went ahead to the boy and claimed the sandals as his own. He said to the boy that his name was Hari, and that, he was the son of Ka (Kanoba); and showed him his lace-bordered turban. The boy was satisfied and returned the sandals to him. Hari Kanoba wondered in his mind saying that his lace-bordered turban was visible to all, and Baba might have seen it, but how could he know his name Hari and that he was the son of Kanoba, as this was his first trip to Shirdi. He came there with the sole object of testing Baba and with no other motive. He came to know by this incident that, Baba was a great Satpurush. He got what he wanted and returned home well-pleased.”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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