Baba’s Darbar People – Blessed Gyan 239

|| Aum Sai Ram || Aum Sai Para Brahmanaa Namah ||

Balaram Dhurandhar (1878-1925)

“Mr. Balaram Dhurandhar, belonged to the Pathare Prabhu community, of Santacruz, Mumbai. He was an advocate of the Mumbai High Court and sometime Principal of the Government Law School, Mumbai. The whole Dhurandhar family was pious and religious. Mr. Balaram served his community and wrote and published an account of it. He then turned his attention to spiritual and religious matters. He studied Gita carefully, and its commentary Dnyaneshwari and other philosophical and metaphysical works. He was a devotee of Vithoba of Pandharpur. He came in contact with Sai Baba in 1912. Six months earlier, his brothers Babulji and Vamanrao came to Shirdi and took Baba’s darshan. They returned home, and mentioned their sweet experiences to Balaram and other members. Then, they all decided to see Sai Baba. Before they came to Shirdi, Baba declared openly that, “Today many of my Darbar-people are coming.” The Dhurandhar brothers were astonished to hear this remark of Baba, from others, as they had not given any previous intimation of their trip. All the other people prostrated themselves before Baba, and sat talking to Him. Baba said to them, “These are my Darbar-people, whom I referred to before” and said to the Dhurandhar brothers, “We have been with each other for the last sixty generations.” All the brothers were gentle and modest, they stood with joined hands, looking at Baba’s Feet.

All the Sattwic emotions, such as tears, choking, etc., moved them and they were all happy. Then, they went to their lodging, took their meals and after taking a little rest again came back to the Masjid. Balaram sat near Baba, massaging His Legs. Baba, Who was smoking a Chillim, advanced it towards him and beckoned him to smoke it. Balaram was not accustomed to smoking, still he accepted the pipe, smoked it with great difficulty, and returned it reverentially. This was the most auspicious moment for Balaram. He was suffering from Asthma for six years. This smoke completely cured him of the disease, which never troubled him again. Some six years later, on a particular day, he again got an attack of Asthma. This was precisely the time, when Baba took His Mahasamadhi.

The day of this visit was a Thursday, and the Dhurandhar brothers had the good fortune of witnessing the Chavadi procession that night. At the Arati-function in the Chavadi, Balaram saw the glow of Pandurang on Baba’s face and next morning at the Kakad-Arati time, the same phenomenon – the same lustre of the Beloved Deity – Pandurang was visible again on Baba’s face.

Mr. Balaram Dhurandhar wrote, in Marathi, the life of the Maharashtra Saint Tukaram, but did not survive to see its publication. It was published, later on by his brothers in 1928. In a short note on Balaram’s life given in the beginning of the book, the above account of Balaram’s visit has been fully corroborated (Vide page 6 of the book).”


|| Aum Sai Sharnam || May Peace Be To All ||




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