Devotee’s Experiences

Devotee’s Experiences

Dear Shirdi Sai Baba Devotee,

Hope you feel as blessed reading our Baba’s Blog as I feel posting Baba’s messages from His Holy Books everyday. 

I earnestly request our dear Baba’s devotees, to please post their valuable, miraculous and blessed experiences with our Baba Sai.

Together, let’s help build the faith and trust of all the devotees, who come running to Baba seeking His refuge and solace. May not any devotee return from this Baba’s Blog without feeling blissful and finding answers to their innumerable queries due to the Maya (illusion) this worldly life offers.


with all prayers and wishes,
Baba’s ardent devotee,  Ajitha Amarnath


2 thoughts on “Devotee’s Experiences

  1. Aum Sai Ram

    Thank you Ajitha akka for providing a blog for devotee experiences. I am sharing one of my recent miracle of our Baba.


    Work in office was too hectic and I wanted to get release and join a different project which is not so hectic so that I can look after my personal life. I prayed baba for one project which I wished to join for. Baba made me to cross all the little hurdles on my way. By his grace, got allocated to the project which I wished for and close to my home. Also, I prayed baba to give me a birthday gift of meeting him. But, I was in a dilemma to go to shirdi now or after my marriage is fixed. Then I prayed if someone ask me about joining shirdi I will definitely come. To my surprise, my close relative who have not been to Shirdi asked me can we go to shirdi and if you are planning we will join you. I took as an answer that Baba really called me there to see him.

    Really Thankful to you Baba always for showing me the good path and your gift for my Birthday. Please bless all devotee wish for their highest good. Please bless and heal everyone who are in pain.

    Aum Sai Ram Aum Sai Ram Aum Sai Ram

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  2. Aum Sai Ram

    Dear Ramya, Thank you very much for sharing your blessed story with the world. I am really happy reading about your wonderful experience with our dearest Baba Sai. I wish you many more happy and fulfilling moments in your life with Baba’s ever gracious blessings on you and your loved ones.

    Aum Sai Sharnam 🙂

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